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"review of the single "move!""

(translated from hebrew)
"some songs hit you like a guided missile, fire and forget. Just put it in your stereo and from now on your reactions become involuntary. “Move!” is no doubt that kind of song; it has just the right recipe for a Jungle-Dub track.

Haim Laroz(Israel’s no 1 dub producer) produced this energetic band a cluster bomb that attacks all sectors. The Drum and Bass bounces your stomach while your ass is lost some where in the dozens of BPM’s gone wild all over the dance floor. Truly it’s a waste to elaborate, just move the furniture and press play."
- nrg website (top israeli news website)

"TV interview"

2005, on the evening news in the national and commercial channel 2, A broadcast about the Band and interview of the band's members - National Channel 2, Israel

"Music channel"

Broadcast of the Band and interview, 2007 - 24 Israel music channel


LP's "Back to the jungle" Debut Album (2006)
singles "No place to run", "one step" (2006)
Single "move!" (2008) from the new album, release 2009




Genre: Electric-Rock-Reggae

Album Released: Back To The Jungle

Online: myspace.com/dublfo

Email: dublfo@gmail.com

Singles Released: "One Step"
"No Place To Run"

" fine reggae beats, this is what young musicians should do today"
-mad professor 18 august 07


Dub LFO (Low Frequency Oscillation) is quite
"'An appropriate name for this quintet from Israel
as their music oscillates from straight forward,
sunny reggae to overdriven,
drum n' bass heavy dub''.
Text Rohit Bhatia(world of India)

It began when the 5 piece finished another amazing set at the epic club Jah-Pan in Southern TLV. The club owner was blown away from the a-typical moves and hooks on a dub song that they topped the night off with, he invited them to headline a reggae festival two weeks later . The next morning the band locked themselves in a bomb shelter for two weeks
straight and built the foundations of what would become the first album "Back To The Jungle". 14 days later, they emerged with 12 new songs, crystallized and powerful...Yes; this is the story of a band that is steppin' out of Zion, the original lions'.

Those 14 days underground, sparked a fire through out the country. Dozens of National festival requests and radio interviews ensured, and it wasn't long before word spread again; this time to music festivals through out Europe. Organizers of "Fete del Musique" & Szgiet (one of the Largest Festival In Europe) were quick to recognize DUB's talent.

What is the band about:
"The essence of DUB L.F.O reflects through the live shows...its' about making bodies move while delivering a message that speaks to the heart of the reggae soul...truth, passion, freedom, overcoming the Babylon." - Roi Avital (front man of the group). Already thousands of people have been affected by the sound and minds of DUB L.F.O; Their music has even been described by some critics as the answer to epic dub, producer Adrian Sherwood's album "Becoming A Cliché".
DUB L.F.O's is now playing dozens of show's back in the original Zion (Israel) and working on finish their second album, that will be release in the end of 2009, The band has also start working on their international acts across the world in 2009 .

Dub L.f.o

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