Dub Wright

Dub Wright

 Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
BandHip Hop


D.U.B., born Davyn Wright, is a Fort Wayne native who is probably known better for his life spent on the gridiron in high school. His dreams of going to the NFL were cut short due to a season ending injury during his senior year. He used this setback and other obstacles in his way to shape him into a business minded individual. The strong women in his life added to his drive as he started his climb to the top. Although he is very confident and arrogant at times he plans on spreading his views and vision around the world. His strong passion for music and entrepreneurship started at an early age but it is now time for his dream to be put into action. D.U.B. believes that one day he will be his own boss and hold the pen that writes the checks.


Debut Single- Your Loving Girl feat. Chris Tucker,
Till My Money Wright feat. Chris Tucker

Group Projects: To Infinity and Beyond (mixtape 2011)