avant-indie-punk-fusion. free improv, electric jazzstrumentation with live electronics, nostalgic and modern experimental/psychedelic twists. music without borders. music on a mission.


Duchamp is a shape-shifting improvisational group from Chicago, hosted by bassist Jim Ford. Duchamp uses jazz-inspired instrumentation in a rock n roll setting, introducing modern prog and psyche twists. The group is a melting pot of musical influences, from blues, funk, rock and punk to avant-garde, jazz, classical and electronic music. Each member plays an equally significant role in the band's total sound, adding color to their abstract pieces with a wide variety of instruments and devices. Played with the looseness of free jazz and the ferocity of punk rock, their music is a collage of atmospheres that is difficult to define. Duchamp continues to evolve their sound, searching for the holy grail of musical expression.


Duchamp (Nov, 2007)
Tout Parfait (release date TBA)
The Duchamp Family Christmas Album (release date TBA)
Live at Elastic Arts (Mar, 2008)
Internal Fire (in progress)

Set List

Our typical set is 30 - 45 minutes, up to an hour with no breaks. Original, improvised experimental music.