Duchess is an indie rock fourpiece that recalls the twin guitar attack of Television's Tom Verlaine and Richard Lloyd as well as the surf-punk sensibilities of Man or Astroman and classic Agent Orange artfully intermingled with the rhythmic dynamic of Pink Flag era Wire.


Formed in early 2005, Duchess has its roots in the New Orleans surf-garage scene of the late 90's. Three fourths of the band comprised Nawlins teenage surf-rock heroes the Leopolds (championed among others by N.O. emigree Alex Chilton). Reconvening after college under the Duchess moniker as a quartet in NYC, the band still brings its surf-punk pedigree to the table, creating a unique sound which seemlessly melds classic NYC/UK (post)punk with red blooded American rock n roll (e.g. Teenage Head-era Flamin' Groovies). Seeking to put the "rawk" back into the indie rock genre, their frenetic live show recalls the beer-soaked sweat-fest of the late Guided By Voices.


As the Leopolds: 'Play @ 33 and 1/3' E.P.; 'N.O.-Fi' (New Orleans Surf/Garage compilation). Both available on Turducken Records (http://www.turducken.net). Duchess is currently in the studio recording their debut E.P. 'Minimal Sand'.

Set List

Set List from Don Hill's May 2005 (Approximately 40 minutes):

"Storm Warning #1"
"Storm Warning #2'
"Twilight Town"
"The Night Porter"
"Documents Unavailable"