Duchess Says

Duchess Says



Montreal’s Duchess Says, musical spokespeople for the cryptic
Quebecois arts-culture collective Church of Budgerigars, are
currently not available for comment. For all we know, they
could have lit up a rival church, slit its leader cold, and did their whole
album on bail. What we do know is that their assaultive yet instantly
accessible style of what they call ‘moog-rock’ (surely referring to
their startling, inimitable signature synth sound) has put these native
francophones squarely in the spotlight of Montreal’s true new music
underground, where they have been honing their sound and live
shows of growing legend from day one.

MANAGEMENT - Alex Bolieu (alexbolieu@duchesssays.com)
N.A. BOOKING - Christian Bernhardt (christian@korkagency.com)
LABEL CONTACT - Douglas Ko (doug@summerloversunlimited.com)


Noviciat Mere-Perruche 12"EP/CD EP (2005) -
SLU 002 (avail. at http://slumrecs.com)