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i don't got any singles but if i were to realease one it would probably be Tear me up

Mouse trap EP (2005)



Soo. Its just me and a gutiar, sounds fun. Yea well i have a couple of other bands but this this is the thing i wanna go all the way with, kinda like Chris Carrabba If i get to be half as good as him that would be great.

so i guess it all started when i was in like 1st or 2nd grade when i started learning the piano, i learned a couple of songs and the first chance i had i played and sang the Billy Joel song entitled Piano Man at my schools talent show, and i totally stole the show, so thanks you Billy Joel. Anyway when i was a little older i joined a band called 25 cents a slice and it was a band i had were a played the saxaphone and we played mostly like blues and funk and some cool music, we played some shows around but our first really big show was in front of 90,000 people at a horse race during intermissions and stuff. After that i was preatty sure that i wanted to persue a life a music and all that good stuff that goes with it.

I got my first classical guitar, played that nonstop, got my first eletric, the fender strat(squier), the worst guitar on the market, and played that not stop, got a hormony acoustic, played that nonstop, then an ibanez, and then finally my infamous green Jay Turner. I usually play my turner but for special occasions such as concerts or recording i whip out my dads incredible old Gibson B25...... *heart stops*.......

After a little downtime i joined a couple of bands here and there but i couldn't really find a good band. We have this kid at are school whos really good at drums, and a good bassist(his brother) however there is nobody around that would want to be in a band that could play guitar and sing decently. So, i decided to do this acoustic thing, already being obsessed with Dashboard and seeing other bands have done acoustic songs or side projects, i said, what the heck, and i went for it.

So i started composing songs, my first real song ever was probobly a song called stars above searsmont which i wrote together with my friend ryan milke,(up for download). After that i kinda wrote 2 or 3 more songs, got a girlfriend, wrote 2 songs about her, broke up with her, wrote 5 songs about that (mouse trap). and now, i just started writing a new song, i think i'm gonna call it morning and i think its my best song yet.
Anyway, now my debut album or EP is out and up for sale, so if you could please please buy it and help me and my noble cause to help the starving babys, it would be greatly appreciated, i spent over 2,000 dollars between recording and advertising and all that good stuff, so it would be nice to get at least like 50% of that back.

So, i really don't know what else to say, i'm a scrub with a guitar trying to show what a guitar and a voice can do when they are moled together with the right rhythm and tone. Nirvana