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The best kept secret in music


"Lonely Heroes"

This small-town work ethic was evident throughout the show, as the Heroes blazed through over an hour of songs with no sign of slowing down. Drummer Travis Bassett's opening attack launched the band's flight into songs about heartbreak, bad relationships and new love.
The standard punk and emo subject matter was revitalized by the group's tight, professional sound and sense of showmanship. Shiek's bass often took a central role with punchy solos and pretty, arpeggiated intros, but the strongest element of the music was lead singer and guitarist Dustin Oldenburg's expressive vocals, reminiscent of recent music by punk band AFI.
- Manitou Messenger

""Trainwreck" Review"

"Out of nowhere, this La Crosse, WI-based punk band delivers anything but standard punk fare, a blend of punk and rock that could hardly be considered a joke. When it comes to introspective, heart-wrenching topics, the Heroes are a force to be reckoned with." - Alternative Sounds Magazine, University of Wisconsin Stevens Point


Trainwreck-- full length album, released summer 2004
(Three tracks off of "Trainwreck" have received radio play in La Crosse, WI)

Start of Forever Demo-- released summer 2006

Start of Forever-- full length album, release date: spring 2007


Feeling a bit camera shy


At a small, private university in western Wisconsin in an even smaller dorm room, three young men in their first year of college decided to start a band. What began as something fun to do on the weekends instead of study quickly developed into something more- possibility. The possibility that maybe someday, these three young men could make a living doing what they have grown to love- inspiring people through music.

Under the creative direction of lead singer and guitarist Dustin Oldenburg, the band began putting material together in early 2004. Initially Dustin, along with bassist Mike Shiek and drummer Travis Bassett, would hold jam sessions in the dorms with no real direction. But, as their music and musicianship matured and improved, the Heroes began to realize they could do more as a band. Since then, the Duct Tape Heroes have written and recorded one full length album, "Trainwreck," added a second guitarist and a keyboard, and are currently in the studio working on their second album, "The Start of Forever” which is slated for a spring 2007 release.

The Heroes use their music to share their experiences and express their deepest emotions from the happiness and joy found in loving someone, to the hurt and anguish of having your heart ripped out by that same person, to the struggles of everyday life, to the rush and high that accompanies playing live shows. “Our goal is to write and perform music that everyone around the world can relate to and enjoy,” says lead singer/guitarist Dustin Oldenburg. “Music is more than "just" music: Music can change the course of a person's day; music can change lives; and music can even save lives. Music can make the world a better place and through our music we intend to do just that. When writing music, we will not even consider adding a song to an album unless we are singing it for hours, or even days after rehearsing it. Therefore, if we get done playing a show and the entire crowd does not have one of our songs stuck in their heads, then we don't feel like we have done our job properly. For us it is not about writing the most difficult or complex music in the world, it is about writing anthems that people can relate to, and will come back to over and over again, simply because they cannot get enough.”

The Duct Tape Heroes have also been actively improving their live show by regularly playing at venues throughout the upper midwest with many national recording artists including Relient K, MxPx, Rufio, Over It, The Junior Varsity, The Fold and Rookie of the Year. The Heroes recently finished their first Midwest tour and plan on hitting the road again in late summer 2007.

With a bassist who grew up on hardcore and screamo punk, a drummer who listened only to classic rock, oldies, and played classical piano, and a frontman who lived and breathed punk music but is also a classically trained vocalist, the Duct Tape Heroes have developed a unique, fun, and catchy sound that appeals to people of all ages from all walks of life. The Heroes have recently added a fourth member, Chris Giese, whose guitar and vocal abilities will only enhance the already fine tuned Duct Tape Heroes sound.

The Duct Tape Heroes are ready to take the next step; are ready to become something more than just another local band. After being together for over three years and gaining vast experience during that time, the Heroes are ready and willing to do whatever it takes to get their music heard by as many people as possible.