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"You've gotta hear them!"

"Duct Tape Repairmen's music is a unique blend of Caribbean polyrhythms, a touch of Dave Matthews and lyrics that make you think. They are fresh and a band you will want to hear again and again. It's been a long time since I was surprised by some raw tracks, but Duct Tape Repairmen have actually done it. You've gotta hear them!" Scott Anderson Host East Valley Radio Nework Weekdays 3-6 pm 1440AM - KAZG - Scott Anderson


519 Sessions (Demo)
Live at Club Red 2.23.09
Warehouse Sessions Take 1



Early 2008 Scott Sievers and Tyler Wiedmaier became huge Jam Session musicians. Both playing with all sorts of people around town just trying to get their music fix and expand on their playing. Around March of 2008 Scott Sievers and Tyler Wiedmaier found themselves in the same room together jamming at Scott's house. As the two began to play they found a sound that really caught their attention and had a lot of potential, but after that session they both went their separate ways.
In May of 2008 Scott and Tyler, to their surprise, ran into each other at a local music store. After talking it over they both decided that jamming again would be a good idea. On the first day back at Scott's house the two got to work and cranked out the better part of 4 songs. From that moment on Duct Tape Repairmen was born.
Soon after they found themselves wanting to get a recording so they could expand their material and see what their friends thought of the music. They recorded 6 song demo dubbed the "519 Sessions" after the recording engineer's (Chad Somerville) personal company 519 Productions.
With the recording they had they were now being offered gigs all around town and knew that the time had come to add to their sound. With the mutual agreement that bass was needed they called on Scott Ferneau, a buddy of Scott Sievers from childhood days. On the first day in Scott Ferneau proved to be a perfect match with his funk, slap and feel for the music. He was destined to be in the group.
While playing all around Arizona the boys felt that they needed something a little more to make the all around sound seem more full and add some special sauce on top of there concoction they have already cooked up. For this task they called on Dylan St. Sauveur. With his creative and time twisting licks he was almost a long lost brother of Scott, Tyler and Scott. Fitting in so perfectly it only took one session for them to know that Dylan would be the next installment for the Duct Tape Repairmen.