dud is an improvised art ensemble, comprised of musicians, dancers, visual and other artists, that creates live multimedia performances.


All of the members have different influences and come from different genre of music. Our concept is the complete improvisation of music, lyrics, dance, and projected art/light. The overall sound trends more to art rock and we might even be compared to some in the jam band genre.


We produced a DVD of our group called EYES in 2007. This product is available in hard copy directly from us and at CDBaby. At our website you'll find edited video and audio tracks as well as videos of complete performances. Our music is also at more than 20 internet mp3 websites.

Set List

As we make it all up as we go, we don't have set lists. Instead we decide how to divide and use time. Shows have lasted from 45 minutes to 3 hours or more. Often, we adopt a theme which sets the intellectual mood for lyrics, etc. We don't do covers.