Dude, Fuckin'...Yeah

Dude, Fuckin'...Yeah


DFY is like no other band. Their sense of humor is underlined by the luminosity of the message they offer to the world, and each performance is as loud, rocking, bad-ass, and full of energy as it is enlightening. They will leave you feeling confused yet strangely grounded.


the 70's, the Melvins, Ween, Ren & Stimpy, Frank Zappa, Tool, Butthole Surfers, Pink Floyd, Isis, Radiohead, Deerhoof, Cannibal Corpse, Barney

Dude, Fuckin'... Yeah formed in October '03 and wrote their 1st album, "The Journey of the Mole People Down the 18-Mile One-Way Open Trench" within 2 months. After recording, we went on a 3-year tour that really helped to gel the rock monster into a tapioca pudding of love. We released our second album entitled "Princess" in October 2007, and since then have been instilling a sense of wonder at venues such as the Middle East (Cambridge, MA), Pearl Street (Northampton, MA), the Webster Theatre (Hartford, CT), and the Living Room (Providence, RI).

We do not write within one genre. Each song is unique, and challenges the active listener to see it for what it really is: a little baby, in it's own universe, playing off, with, and bumping into other universes... knowing that some day the day will come when by one great resonation of energy throughout the fabric of consciousness there comes about an alignment of each ripple of will to power inside of the great fabrige egg, with cheese and rice, forever and better, be zen.


Turtle Turdle (vs. Time and Other Selected Works)

Written By: Dude, Fuckin'...Yeah

Slowly crawling over rocks and across the street
The bottom of his shell, while painted, protects his belly
AND IS something that we find to look so sweet

But first look into his eyes and you will see his heart
Patiently reflecting, forever calm always respecting
Does not ignore the path he takes it from the start

Full of wisdom because he takes the time to think
Never rushing, fretting, longing, yearning, but always working, seldom resting
Oh Mr. Turtle, I wish, to me, that you could speak

Mr. Turtle won’t you teach me now
The secrets that you keep somehow
Mr. Turtle won’t you tell me please
Protect me from the buzzing bees

And when he’s on his back you get to see his pretty belly
But please now don’t be cruel, and help him to his feet
For if Mr. Turtle ever found you in your time of need
He certainly would not retreat


The Song Song

Written By: DFY

ween is awesome, listen to them

choking winds come from the point
makes you wonder why the babies?


Things Are Like Stuff

Written By: DFY

i'm skipping down the street
to buy a puppy with the money my momma gave me today
i think that puppies are so lovely
maybe i'll find a stray
so i can keep the money my momma gave me
then we'll walk by the bay
and everyone will have a fun day

well i want you to be so happy
and i hope that you will be my friend
and i think that god, he really loves us
well thats why he made so many puppies

you know that things are like stuff
its all the same in a different way
you say that life can be tough
but i keep sayin' its all the way in you choose to look at the world
flowers are curled and then they unfurl
to show you whats inside
so take a gaze and we'll all be so gay

well i want you to be so happy
and i know that you should be my friend
and i think that god, really loves us thats why he made so many puppies

sometimes im not sure if things are gonna be ok
what if The Rock falls upon my head?
maybe my pants will get a rip in the butt?
well then you might not think that i'm really all that cool

well i know that god really loves us
and i want you to be so happy
and i think that you should be my friend
so you can play with me and my puppies


Written By: Dude, Fuckin'...Yeah

n/a - instrumental

Chad Brown

Written By: Dude, Fuckin'...Yeah

Take the shape
Feel the pace
Stand in place
We're all in space

You feel its over there
But where you are is here
There's catastrophe in your mind
And it's not real

To the 't', sanity
Focused eyes, see what they please
All you need, comes for free
What is else, is just greed

Cuz when you focus, on want
you need it now you need it now


The Journey of the Mole People Down the 18 Mile One Way Open Trench (2004)

Princess (2007)
"Tromentali" and "Hey, Don't These Petunias Smell So Sweet?" have gotten airplay in Springfield and Amherst

Set List

We can play anywhere between 30 minutes to 3 hours without any filler

Original Material: ~90 minutes
-The Journey of the Mole People Down the 18 Mile One Way Open Trench
-The Song Song
-Chad Brown
- Real Good Acid
- Hey, Don't These Petunias Smell So Sweet?
- Lounge Petunias
- Things Are Like Stuff
- Turtle Turdle Vs. Time and Other Selected Works
- Big Jam
- Back to the Average World (Bed of Ramen Noodles) and I Hunger For Reality
- David Lee Roth is a Man
- Boom Dude
- Do You Think that Guy Over there Thinks that I Am Weird?
- plus a couple new ones that we're playing live that are yet to be named!

Covers: about 2 hours

- "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath
- "Moby Dick" by Led Zeppelin
- "Camarillo Brillo" by Frank Zappa
- "Muffin Man" by Frank Zappa
- "Apostrophe" by Frank Zappa
- "Voodoo Lady" by Ween
- "Purple Haze" by Jimi Hendrix
- "Mutilated Lips" by Ween
- "Scarlett Beggonias" by the Grateful Dead
- "Fire on the Mountain" by the Grateful