Dude, Fuckin'...Yeah
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Dude, Fuckin'...Yeah


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"Dude, Fuckin'...Yeah: A Conversation With My Pussy"

I had a six inch deep conversation with my pussy yesterday about this band that was submitted to us called "Dude Fuckin Yeah." At first glance we envisioned college students in small performance areas with sweaty balls and pot smoke floating in the sky, and mellow strange music drifted around like the shit that surrounds the milky way.

Or, it just could have been my mushrooms, who knows? Regardless, I do know that my pussy has been really really lazy lately. She does not like to be messed with, and I really like messing with her. She is always lazy, slobbering, and once a month she goes into a feeding frenzy. What is a girl to do?

Anyway, so this band called "Dude Fuckin Yeah" well I totally thought they were retards from the "lets start a band in high school and be rock stars" same song, but to my surprise, they are actually really funny good talented whimsical and dare I say it - catchy? My recipe for this band would be taking like some Floyd, Tool, They Might Be Giants, (Old school Bind Melon), and a few other unmentionables - throw it in the blender, top with a bag of freshly cut herb - and serve chilled. However, you may want to watch out cause the drink has a kick, and it will knock you flat on your ass without warning.

"Dude Fuckin Yeah" was like what someone said in the audience, who was just as surprised as I am, I am quite sure. So how do you contribute to the cause, and rape their merchandise? Go to their MySpace page, and download from their SnoCap. Now, for me - my pussy and I are going to cuddle up to a nice movie while I brush her hair, and think about Turtles. Maybe big log Turtle heads - who knows, I don’t think there are any rules to this album. - streetblast.com


The Journey of the Mole People Down the 18 Mile One Way Open Trench (2004)

Princess (2007)
"Tromentali" and "Hey, Don't These Petunias Smell So Sweet?" have gotten airplay in Springfield and Amherst



the 70's, the Melvins, Ween, Ren & Stimpy, Frank Zappa, Tool, Butthole Surfers, Pink Floyd, Isis, Radiohead, Deerhoof, Cannibal Corpse, Barney

Dude, Fuckin'... Yeah formed in October '03 and wrote their 1st album, "The Journey of the Mole People Down the 18-Mile One-Way Open Trench" within 2 months. After recording, we went on a 3-year tour that really helped to gel the rock monster into a tapioca pudding of love. We released our second album entitled "Princess" in October 2007, and since then have been instilling a sense of wonder at venues such as the Middle East (Cambridge, MA), Pearl Street (Northampton, MA), the Webster Theatre (Hartford, CT), and the Living Room (Providence, RI).

We do not write within one genre. Each song is unique, and challenges the active listener to see it for what it really is: a little baby, in it's own universe, playing off, with, and bumping into other universes... knowing that some day the day will come when by one great resonation of energy throughout the fabric of consciousness there comes about an alignment of each ripple of will to power inside of the great fabrige egg, with cheese and rice, forever and better, be zen.