The music and it's message are cathartic, reckless and sometimes, just downright abrasive DUDLEY's positive but soulful message says "Yes, We can make it better. With a great west coast following and the upcoming tour DUDLEY will be becoming a household name.


Yes, Dudley calls the Pacific Northwest home. However, don't pigeonhole them as just another Seattle band. Their music speaks volumes about the journeys they've taken and the roads they continue to run. Comprised of Johnny D (Vocals & Guitar) Jeff Darby (Drums) Jay Hoffman (Lead Guitar) and Eric Goranson (Bass Guitar), their music is raw emotion.
Soulful lyrics that challenge and question, "why not make it better?". Rock meets alternative meets whatever the hell else they feel like. If you can't fit the mold, then break it, baby. The band formed in 2003 but took shape a year later as it began working on the music that would form their first five song E.P., Another Long Discussion, in February 2004. The writing exploded from frontman Johnny D like so many stories needing to be told. The music and it's message are cathartic, reckless and sometimes, just downright abrasive, he laughs. Spending more time playing on the road than at home, DUDLEY has toured the Northwest/West coast frequently & reached as far as the Midwest, Arizona, & Puerto Penasco (Mexico) opening for Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers to a 3,000+ audience. Sincere in their commitment, a lot has been accomplished in a short period of time. Where Another Long Discussion contained five years worth of writing material, the next album, tentatively titled "Still Hopeful" will be shot out of a cannon and created in about a year. It was an entirely different approach for me, says Johnny. More intense, more demanding. The band was a bigger part of the creative process this time around and the result is a more cohesive, identifiable sound. It will also be Dudley's first full-length recording and slated for release in 2007. Combining Dudleys unique sound with parts Bowie, parts Soul Asylum, the album will be authentic pop in genre but with a decidedly different melodic approach. Expect something cryptic, heartfelt and raw, just don't expect Dudley to be like every other Northwest band. "Dudley's take on pop rock is easy to get into and approachable in all the right ways, delivering a strong sound that you can see yourself listening to over & over again!" Tacoma's Weekly Volcano.


"Another Long Discussion" EP 2004
"Still Hopeful" Full Length CD DEC 2007
"Walkaway Girl" Single Streaming
"Batsong" Single Streaming
"Periscope" Single Streaming
"Scattered Faith" Single Streaming and radio airplay

Set List

Scattered Faith
Mercy me
Walkaway Girl
Straight sited
All originals with maybe one cover mixed in
45 minute to an hour and a half set.