Dudley Gregory

Dudley Gregory


Singer / Songwriter born in New Orleans, La. Now residing and recording in West Virginia


"I love the songs that I hear from the Gulf Coast region of the U.S.." The Blues, Cajun, Tejano and Conjunto music that go with the Bar-B-Ques and Crawfish Boils are Dudley Gregory's background. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana. Cultured and educated for 10 years in Albuquerque, New Mexico then returned to Louisiana and Louisiana Tech University. A musical family surrounded him. Older brother Roger Gregory is bassist for the very popular blues backing band "The Shadows" of Atlanta, Georgia and sister Gwen Wilson a past recipient of a CMA award for her work in country radio along the Mississippi gulf coast. A U.S. Navy veteran who spent 20 years traveling around the world. Took his guitar with him everywhere as evidenced in "Old Friends Know". Met and played with a lot of other musicians along the way and developed a diverse set of musical tastes. "I write mostly about personal experiences but like to throw in a tall tale every now & then."


Live Just Right

Written By: Dudley Gregory

I've been waiting for the end
of a stretched out highway
Just wondering when it might appear
Bearing in mind
I don't really need it
I can tell them anything when the end is near

It's a pain
That keeps you from sleeping at night
but you can't die
If you want to live
Live just right.

When we started this ride
I made it a point
I pledged you nothing
Now it looks like nothing was a lot.
Look what a roof
what a roof that the stars can make you
It tastes like weak soup
with just love in the pot.

Just listen ahead of that rock
The drums are pounding and the fire is hot
The echoes you hear
make you think of good-bye
but if there's no tomorrow
Theres no reason to cry


Written By: Dudley Gregory

The sun shines in the morning
and we've got an outlook
just as bright
We judge in absolution
because our principles have never been too tight

We are newborn in this wild world
Walking hand in hand
We are newborn in this wild world
Living natural in the Lord's hand

I take my seat nearby her
just to feel the power
and let the clear light guide us
to the source and the fruit of the flower

She can't keep from smiling
She can't stop my weeping ways
Every now and then the pain is holding
the thought that she might go away

Old Friends Know

Written By: Dudley Gregory

Nothing like an old friend
make you feel so fine
Tell you just what you want to hear
Let you speak your mind
I keep an old friend by my side
never let him go
Take him with me everywhere
Helped me guide my soul

Old friends are the one who know
They'll be there for you high and low
Take the heat that the fire throws
Old Friends Know, old friends know

Got an old friend from way back when
Met him at a pawn shop hanging around
And then he started telling me this story that still goes on
about a piece of the heart, the blues and the delta dawn
And that friend is still with me
Stays in a hard shell case
High strung but he's tuned right in
Still puts a smile on my face.



Set List

The set list for a live performance consists mostly of covers from my favorite singers/songwriters. Including John Hiatt, Steve Earle, Paul Thorn, Robert Earl Keen, John Prine, John Fogarty, Delbert McClinton etc. with a few originals thrown in. Normal show is three sets that range from 1 to 1.5 hours each.