Dudley Taft

Dudley Taft


The best of the best in blues rock. Influences from Freddie King through John Mayall to ZZ Top shape our own supercharged take on the blues. Searing guitar solos and gritty vocals over gear-grinding rhythms!


Our sound is best described as “A little bit of Texas Blues infused with some Mississippi Delta, sprinkled with a hint of British Invasion and served up with Northwest Rock sensibility.” Essentially we mine the blues material from Willie Dixon and Freddie King through John Mayall and the Jeff Beck Group to Stevie Ray Vaughan and ZZ Top, with our own take on the blues thrown in. The band is fronted by guitarist Dudley Taft, a 30 year veteran of the music business. Dudley employs his guitar magic authoritatively in the wide-open spaces provided by the blues- going from soulful, sparse and clean to all out rock riffery. He combines his funk, jazz and rock influences in his soloing.

Dudley Taft plays clubs and blues festivals around the greater Seattle area, including regular gigs at the Highway 99 Blues Club.

Dudley Taft grew up in a country called the "Midwest", where he learned the values of friendship, roots blues, rock 'n' roll and a good ear of corn. Local guitar hero Rob Swaynie in Indianapolis taught Dudley the value of music theory interspersed with B.B King, Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top riffs. Taking his newfound skills with him, he founded the band “Space Antelope” with friend Trey Anastasio (of Phish Fame) in high school. Dudley moved to Seattle in the summer of 1990, joining the Seattle band “Sweet Water”. After touring the states with “Monster Magnet”, “Candlebox” and “Alice in Chains”, and recording two albums for Atlantic he left the band to resurrect “Second Coming”. More touring followed with an album on Capitol records and a taste of success thanks to the single “Vintage Eyes” which made it to #10 on the Rock Radio charts. Older and wiser, Dudley has now turned his attention back to the roots of the music that inspired him to pick up the guitar. Dudley is also member of the KZOK band Spike and the Impalers.

Evan Sheeley is one of Seattle’s legendary bassists, having played, recorded and toured with TKO, Q5, and Randy Hansen, among others. A friend of Dudley’s since the early nineties from Seattle Music, Evan is now the owner and operator of Bass Northwest, which has been selling top-end bass gear is Seattle for fifteen years. Evan brings his musical tastes to the songlist as well, with some Hendrix, Jeff Beck Group, Bluesbreakers and more.

Scott Vogel is the type of drummer that never drops a beat. Unassuming and humble, he sometimes scares even himself with his hard-hitting bombastic grooves. While beating around Seattle, Scott recorded for Virgin records with “Reverend” and toured the world (ok, Korea). He is the foundation of Blues Overkill, skillfully moving from shuffle to swing to straight-ahead rock beats.


2008 - Foundation

2009 - Left For Dead

Set List

Our set list is comprised of originals and our take on both classic and obscure songs from the wonderfully rich pantheon of blues songs from the 1920's through the 1970's. We have over 60 songs in our repertoire, and regularly play 3 or 4 50 minute sets at club gigs.