Duelling Divas - Culture Meets Comedy

Duelling Divas - Culture Meets Comedy


Ever want to laugh at Opera? Now you can! Even if this is Your First Time, this show will shake you up and bring you to your feet. Opera virgin or junkie, you’ll love the hardcore vocals of these seriously funny Divas. High art meets high camp! “It’s like Mozart meets Monty Python.” Jamie…UCF


"THE SOPRANOS was never like this." (Miami Herald)

The Miami Herald couldn't have put it better. These sopranos have been "blowing away" audiences for years as classical Operatic performers. Taking their observations of the unavoidable comedy in the culture of Opera, these Divas created a show even bigger than their perspective characters' egos (trust us...they're big). A satirical concoction fit for even the most unseasoned Opera-goer.

Birgit Fioravante, a.k.a. Baroness Vladka Von Loudenstimme, received rave reviews at Carnagie Hall. With a voice which many classify as bold and beautiful, Birgit has made new favorites of old Operatic standards. And all the costumes seen in Duelling Divas were handmade by Birgit for use in the show. From Drama to Comedy and everything in between, Birgit has sung it all -- but has never played a character quite like Vladka.

Wendy Reynolds, a.k.a. Gwendoline Josephine Bellvoix Bouvier, is the "younger" soprano as her character frequently reminds the audience. Wendy's strong and silky soprano has won her many awards, including the coveted Guiseppe Verdi award from the Palm Beach Opera Vocal Competition. Wendy has spent many years building up an impressive vocal resume which has helped her capture the true, uh, uniqueness that is "La Bouvier".

Heather Coltman, a.k.a Paige Turner, is an accomplished concert pianist as well as college professor. Playing throughout the United States, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, South Africa and Greece, DR. Coltman has proven herself an amazing solo and collaborative artist . Although some may think the pianist just sits there, Heather quickly learned that Paige can hold her own with these Divas! That is, if there's any spotlight left.

Boasting breathtaking voices, impressive performances, and enough vodka shots to put a frat boy to shame...Duelling Divas is a must see. It's Culture! It's Comedy! It's Opera….with a Twist.

2 Sopranos (the vigourous operatic variety - no substitutions)
1 Pianist (preferably, the professional pear-shaped concert variety)
18 Costumes (with wigs to die for)
A twist of lemon
A twist of a knife
A nip (or two) of Vladka
1 Set (weapons to taste - include at least one spear)
1 Horned Helmet (as garnish, for that "Wagnerian" effect)

Put it all together in a 300-1,000 seat theater and get ready for one of the giddiest binges you've been on in a while. It's opera on steroids - well, vodka...(Bring a box of tissues to dry your eyes...from laughter.)

"The Divas came and rocked the house!" (FAU student) No wonder: "A screaming guitar solo is like a soprano singing," Fioravante says. "There's a power behind it that's in opera, too, that's always attracted me." (Miami Herald)


This is a live stage show, but you can check us out on YouTube by clicking the links below...

Set List

Duelling Divas: The Battle Begins

Two acts with intermission - total of one hour and 45 minutes

A couple of yummy duets
but the Baroness keeps stepping on La Bouvier's bows!

A few delicious solos by the master himself, Maestro Puccini
and the battle for the most gorgeous gown is on!

A few more insults fly, and we're off!

"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better"!!! (from Irving Berlin's "Annie Get Your Gun")

Baron, My Baron - the steamy and suggestive story of how the Baroness found and THAWED her husband on the slippery slopes of the mountains behind her village

Paige Turner rebels! Our underdog pianist, minding her P's and Q's, suddenly launches into a tirade of emotion! CAN she sing AND play piano AT THE SAME TIME!? And BETTER than the Divas!?!?!?

"Naughty Vladka, too much vodka!"
The Baroness doesn't stand a chance against Bouvier's sharp wit

Sempre Ho!
Always a WHAT? The Baroness will not be outdone! Enter Brunnhilde - with spear and horne