"Duets"- Itamar Erez & Yshai Afterman

"Duets"- Itamar Erez & Yshai Afterman

 Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

Two outstanding musicians
performing original music from the Middle-East.
A unique dialogue between guitar & percussion, composition & improvisation.
The new CD "New Dawn" is hosting Antonio Serrano (Paco de Lucia) on Harmonica.


Itamar Erez & Yshai Afterman

In the winter of 2010 Itamar was playing an intimate show in Klil, a northern village in Israel. Towards the end of the show, Yshai joined Itamar on stage and the two musicians began improvising, and magic transpired.
These accomplished, skilled and sensitive musicians have flourished in the world music scene, each in their own right, and now as a combined force in “Duets”.
Itamar Erez is an internationally renowned composer and guitarist, whose music has been commissioned and performed by various soloists, ensembles and orchestras throughout Europe, the Middle East, United States and Canada.
In the last decade, his music is rooted in world music, as well as contemporary jazz.
Itamar has released two CDs with his ensemble 'The Adama Ensemble'- the latest CD ('Hommage') includes compositions that are tribute to such musicians as Egberto Gismonti, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Anouar Brahem, Lulo Reinhardt, and others.
In 2007 Itamar has joined the group of Sufi maestro Omar Faruk Tekbilek and is touring with him internationally ever since.


Yshai Afterman is a world percussionist specializing in middle-eastern hand drums. 
He draws on the Indian, Turkish, Persian and Arab traditions, blending them with original developments into a highly technical, rhythmical and melodic modern style. 
He studied with Zohar Fresco intensively for 4 years, and studied classical eastern music under Piris Eliyahu, an internationally acclaimed composer, music researcher and musician from Israel.
He is a graduate of the prestigious Nissan Nativ Acting Studio in Tel Aviv. 
Yshai teaches master classes and performs in various settings in Israel and around the world. The projects he plays in move between Jazz, Fusion, Rock and Traditional Music. 
He is endorsed by the "Cooperman Frame Drums”.


For booking inquiries: info@itamarerez.com www.itamarerez.com


"Duets- live in Luterhaus" - (DVD 2012)
"New Dawn" CD (2013)

Set List

A typical set duration is about 90 minutes long, although shorter set of 45 minutes is possibles too.
Here is an example of our latest set list, with music from the latest CD

1. Anouar
2. New Dawn
3. Omar’a
4. Desert Song
5. La Rosa Enflorece
6. Prisoner’s Song
7. Guajira (solo gt)
8. Hommage
9. African Dream
10. Lisa
11. Sheva