DUFREIGN combines influences of classic rock, punk rock, alternative rock and metal for their own distinct original sound. The band plays with intensity and passion. They must be seen and heard.


The origin of DUFREIGN began with singer/songwriter Josh Heinz. Josh spent six years as the singer for the Memphis, TN based outfit, Wyndom Earle. After the band ran its course and the members went in different musical directions, he relocated to the Coachella Valley. Not content to simply let a lack of band members spoil his chances for performing live, Josh picked up his acoustic guitar and rode the solo circuit for the better part of three years. His passionate delivery of intense rock transcended the acoustic stage. But deep down he was searching for the right members to bring the music to life with a full band. During this time he would conceive, write and record the full length album Blasting Echo as a way to share this vision. In the fall of 2004 Joshs participation in the Mystic Avalanche A & R Showcase Competition led him to meet the future members of DUFREIGN. As the only solo acoustic act to make the finals of the competition, he received a writeup in the Desert Post Weekly, Coachella Valleys area weekly. This article caught the attention of bassist Dave Virginia. The four year veteran of the desert music scene, which included stints with Wood Monkey and Less Than Zero, was inspired by the music Josh was creating. Within a week the two began jamming together. Daves diverse influence of funk, metal and rock enhanced the songs. His overall enthusiasm and genuine appreciation for the music and lyrics has made him an asset since the first time they played together. At the same competition Josh met Nathan Marchi. At the time he was the drummer for metal rock band, Laid In Concrete. Previously he had played in a project called The Film. Like Dave, Nathan found the music and passion in Joshs material very powerful. Hearing that Josh was on the hunt for a drummer, Nathan jumped at the chance to play. Nathans talent and experience, from drum line to playing metal, has brought another dimension of power and precision to the music. DUFREIGN was born. DUFREIGN has gained steady momentum since its inception as a full band with their high energy and explosive live performances. In only a short amount of time the band has played several very successful shows, which includes winning in the 93.7 KCLB Battle of the Bands contest at the 2005 Riverside County Date Festival. In September of 2005 the band received Best Rock Band honors from the first annual Coachella Valley Music Awards. Josh was awarded Best Singer/Songwriter and Best Song honors for Sunburn in the Shade. With their powerful sound and intense stage presence, DUFREIGN is a band that must be seen and heard.


I Feel Sick

Written By: Josh Heinz

I feel sick
it happened too quick
can’t believe what I’ve seen, can’t believe what it means
to be caught on the wrong side of what is right
and every day I feel it even more
I don’t want to feel it anymore

I feel weak
I can barely speak
every day every week, I struggle to sleep
can’t believe this bitterness inside of me
and every day I feel it even more
I don’t want to feel it anymore

I’m very concerned
I can’t believe what I’ve heard
spurned now deterred, my behavior’s absurd
what happen to the words and their meaning
and every day I feel it even more

it’s a sinking feeling
these are desperate days
even though I’m reaching
I’m reaching up to you from this living grave


Written By: Josh Heinz

I’m so afraid, afraid to talk to you
you ask me to lie, well I guess I would lie for you
I can’t believe the words that I hear from you
but when you walk by I still knows it’s true

I think you know what I’m thinking of
I think you know me too well
and though you know what I’m thinking of
you let the images swell
in my head
and they swell into my head until I’m...

I’m so encased, encased by the thought of you
ripped inside by the very thought of you
I try to erase, erase the thoughts of you
but when I catch your eye I still know it’s true

I think you know what I’m thinking of
I think you know me too well
and though you know what I’m thinking of
you let the images swell
in my head
and they swell into my head until I’m...


Written By: Josh Heinz

Will I ever see what I should be?
I can't be appeased
Nothing is the same for me
Cleanliness ignored
Hope is not restored
the lock is on the door and latch shuts in the pain

this love is all I have
I will give it all I can
maybe one day I will stand
and this will still remain...it always will remain inside of me

Changed by society, but saved by honesty
Defeated before the war
Death opens my door it saves me
Weak I cannot breath
Frail I've fallen to my knees
Why was I concieved and when will this all be explained?


DUFREIGN - Far Too Long

Tracks that have received play:
'I Feel Sick'

Set List

DUFREIGN setlists are written before the show, depending on how the band feels and the vibe of the audience. The band can play for up to an hour and a half of their own original music. A full setlist would include all the following:
'While You Rest'
'Bottle It Up'
'You're Afraid Too'
'Sunburn in the Shade'
'I Feel Sick'
'The Island'

'Bad Moon Rising' - CCR
'Zero' - The Smashing Pumpkins