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Chris Considine

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Solo Folk Rock



The best kept secret in music


"Dugway: The Up and Up"

Based in Lenox MA, the band Dugway is a duo consisting of Chris Considine and Blake Poore. They used to perform as ‘Chris & Blake’ but scrapped that name for something a bit more cryptic. Drawing on their large repertoire of songs (as well as a few Beatles covers), they’ve entertained at a number of spots in the Berkshire region.

Still not yet 20 years old, Considine — the lead member — has been composing and producing tunes for nearly four years; he does lead vocals, some drums, guitar and piano, and admits having a sweet tooth for “unusual chord changes.” His songwriting has also garnered the praise of one very notable critic: Peter Herbst, of Rolling Stone renown.

Considine and sidekick Poore, let’s call ‘em Dugway, have now released their second full-length album The Up and Up.

The track “For Sure” has a rather unconventional beginning. About 30 seconds in, the vocal and instrumental components really start to jibe, and jibe in a fun way. I see what Considine means about ‘unusual chord changes.’

The track “Home” is chill to the point of a listener’s sense of time slowing down.

The track “I’m Possessed” is effectively weird and full of playful abandon. Some interesting guitar chops can be found.

The track “Feeling I’m Feeling” is quite different. Not sure if it’s the result of wild creativity, or an aberrant psychological predicament, but it sure ain’t mediocre.

The track “Say Hi” offers a fine medley of background bass and guitar. Some impressive vocals can be witnessed beginning at 0:52. I think I’d rupture my voice box if I even tried to imitate this. Anyway, the song’s pretty darn catchy, and its lyrical story would resonate with many a young guy.

The following lyrics to the track “Fortune Teller” paint a sharp and accessible image: “She made us some tea /And kept us with stories of our destinies.”

Dugway has talent and a bubbling youthful spontaneity. They well might be on ‘the up and up.’ - Skope Magazine - Boston, Massachusetts - November 2013

"Chis and Blake: "Hello, Goodbye""

On the eve before heading off to college, Chris Considine found himself in a room surrounded by family, friends and a few friendly strangers, with his best friend at his side.

For most of the summer, Considine and Blake Poore, both 18 and recent graduates of Lenox Memorial Middle and High School, spent a couple nights a week playing original songs and cover tunes in the newly opened Piano Bar at Gateways Inn. There, they are known to those who listen as the musical acoustic duo of Chris & Blake, playing guitar and bass, respectively, and each taking turns on piano.

"Life goes by and I just want it back," sang Considine to a captive crowd on Sunday night as Poore played beside him. The lyrics are from "This Old Place," an original song they wrote reflective of graduation time.

On Saturday, Considine described preparing for their last gig of the summer at Gateways Inn as "very melancholy" in a Facebook post.

But Sunday night there was nothing but hugs, smiles, clapping, handshakes and high-fives for the duo at the Piano Bar.

Considine is heading to Belmont University in Nashville as songwriting major in the Mike Curb College of Entertain ment & Music Business. Poore will be attending Ithaca College to explore a major this fall.

The two have known each other since age 5, but began making music together about three years ago, when Considine picked up an acoustic guitar and Poore began playing acoustic bass guitar. Both have grown up playing piano.

"We started playing talent shows [at school], then had a gig at the Marketplace Café in Pittsfield and played open mikes too," said Poore.

With the help of a friend and fellow pianist, Willie Gotterer, they got the gig at Gateways Inn.

"I started playing here then asked the owner if these two could come along. I headed to camp and they continued. They just blew up this summer. They're so good now," said Gotterer.

To date, Chris & Blake have worked on 160 original pop and melodic rock songs about life, society and girls. When playing in front of an audience, they'll also perform tunes by some of their biggest influences, namely The Beatles, The Grateful Dead and Jason Mraz.

Considine said the two spend four to five hours a day working on music.

Poore said that being dedicated is the key to their success, "You have to put in the hours, put in the practice. If you want to, you're going to get it."

Considine said he hopes he and his band mate will continue to collaborate and add new band members, despite the distance between colleges.

"We'll come back and play gigs in the area," said Considine.

"We're best friends," said Poore, "we're always going to find time to play music together." - The Berkshire Eagle - August 2012


These Days  (2015)

These Days

Kids Are Criminals




The Up and Up (2013)

For Sure


My Friends

I'm Possessed

Fortune Teller

Feeling I'm Feeling

Say Hi

Blue Dream

Fortune Feller

What's With Me

The Rest


Dig It? (2012)

I'm Possessed

Caught Me Looking

This Damn Hotel

Merry Mary

Hill House


Find It Every Day


La Di Da Di Da Girl

Is He Dizzy?


Chris Considine: Ten Songs: Part 2 (2011)

Summer Sailing

Remote Control

Sly Charade

She Terrifies Me

A Cup of Tea

One Bad Thought

Tell Me

Rush of Wind

On Our Own

The 1920s


Chris Considine: Ten Songs (2011)

Ups & Downs

Certain Occasions

Whimsy Kim

Line of Sight


Once Before

Perched Heart

Working Hard

Easy Town

Arts & Crafts

Selected Singles  (2010-15)

Say Hi

Nice Surprise

This Old Place

Sunny Afternoon

Kiss of Rain

Dancing Fool

Carnival Ride


Twelve Years Running







Peter Herbst, former music editor of Rolling Stone, says: "Chris Considine is a performer and songwriter of rare charm and confidence. His pure voice is the perfect vehicle for songs that tap both rock history and contemporary sounds through great melodies and wit."

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