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EP, untitled, 2004; independent basement demo
LP, Will Work for Shit I Don't Need, 2007; independent



duhkha was formed by five very close friends who agreed to play by one rule and one rule only--that rule being that they would play by no rules. They refused to restrict themselves the way so many musicians do. They would not try to sound like anyone else. They would not try to play any particular genre of music. They would not commit themselves to looking a certain way or fitting in to a certain "scene". They would have no limits and therefore nothing was off limits. All ideas were welcome. Anything and everything could be tried at least once. They would maintain a level of freedom.

duhkha take pride in the fact they have used their love for freedom and all things creative to be more than just musicians. duhkha is a completely DIY band. All songs are written, performed and recorded by duhkha. All photography and photo editing is done by duhkha. All web design is done by duhkha. All video is done by duhkha. All booking is done by duhkha. This biography (though written in third person) was written by duhkha. This mindset has helped to quickly destinguish duhkha from the crowd.

duhkha just released their first independent full-length album which contains a diverse, creative, intense, unique collection of music. The feedback that duhkha is receiving from their first release is absolutely amazing. For example, world-renowned producer, Ross Robinson even dropped a line to say that the album was "genius" when he stumbled across it online (I love name-dropping).

duhkha is not content to merely ride on whatever success can be had from their debut album. The day after the discs were picked up from the press and duhkha played their cd release party (to a sold out crowd of rowdy fans) duhkha sat down and began working on the next album.

duhkha is currently setting the whole state of Iowa on fire and gathering an ever-growing fanbase in every town they play in. They are either headlining local shows or being requested for or by nationally touring bands to open for those bands. Some examples of the bands that duhkha has played with include: Tubring, Powerman 5000, Local H, Bobaflex, Hemlocke, Wednesday 13, Dog Fashion Disco, Downsiid, Lia-Fail, Facecage, The Pimps, Marazene, In This Moment, Straight Line Stitch and many other quality bands.

duhkha plan to take their outrageous live show from Iowa to the surrounding states and beyond, growing their fanbase the whole way.

If you're not afraid of something a little different then you'll want to be the first in your area to check out duhkha (but leave your rules at home).