Politically fueled psychedelic punk for the people who are surrounded by a suburban death hole and have no way out except to metaphorically spit in the faces of all the gluttonous soccer moms who feel it necessary to flaunt a manufactured attitude of superiority upon the rest of the local population


Duhkha, formed in the Fall of 2005 during an ecstasy fueled adventure through a jungle of strip malls and cookie cutter playgrounds, quickly left a footprint in the ass of a hopeless desert wasteland.


Duhkha Self Titled EP through Youthless Records. 5 songs.

Set List

All songs played are originals..
5 song set interspersed with noise..

1. The House That Lies Built
2. Cambodian Mustache
3. Pooner Jab
4. The Salt Mines Of Bolivia
5. The Purps

Set is mutable according to our time slot. 25 - 40 minutes.