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Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo R&B Hip Hop




""19 Steps to Success" Mixtape Review"

Toronto alternative hip-hop artist Dujon drops his first official mixtape with “19 Steps to Success” featuring his first single Not Too Much Fun featuring Kira Mae. One of the best tracks on the tape is the first joint titled U Know What Time It Is where Dujon displays some Lloyd Banks swag for a minute and ten seconds. Dujon’s flow varies from a whispery, boppy type delivery to a more melodic, r&b laced style of rhyme. Dujon is also a producer; he puts his skills on display with tracks likeA New Day (DHB Remix) featuring Ashley Nicole, one of the better tracks on the mixtape. Gyasi Omari and P of Illyance roll through for support on the soulful track D.O.N.E. Check for Dujon’s remix titled How Could I Ever Love Again where he spits over Amy Winehouse’s Love Is A Losing Game. Dujon released a comical promotional video for the mixtape as well. Overall, this is a quiet debut mixtape release from a new-age hip-hop artist emerging from the unconventional Toronto scene. Keep on the lookout for more from Dujon and his cast of collaborators as Dujon prepares his debut album “Success”. - Orange Karma Records

"Dujon “Success” EP Review"

Dujon drops the follow-up to his “19 Steps To Success” Mixtape with the 5-track “Success” EP. The project continues to showcase Dujon as an experimental multi-talent, both alternative hip-hop artist and producer. The Intro is an electronic-sounding production piece that features Dujon’s typical lazy and laid-back flow. If U Were Me is a chilled-out, introspective jam with supporting vocals by Ashley Nicole. The production and rhyme style on Hollywood Luv are characteristic of Dujon’s unconventional rap style that features melodic production landscapes and a flow that blends seamlessly with the beat. Everything But the Girl is more fast-paced than the rest of the EP but retains the signature electronic and relaxed tempo feel that encompasses the EP. The Toronto-based producer and emcee is streaming the entire EP over at Bandcamp and you can pick up individual singles or purchase the project at Amazon. - Orange Karma Records

"Indabamusic Featured Artist"

"Dujon certainly proves that he has the skill for arranging and producing killer beats with the urban pop sound that currently dominates the internet airwaves." - indabamusic.com

""Dujon sounds ready" - Billboard"

DUJON, “Success”
Toronto native Dujon follows his ambitious 2009 mix-tape “19 Steps To Success” with five-track EP “Success,” showcasing the rapper’s skills as producer and frontman—as well as autobiographical songwriter. In opening track “Illi Intro,” he reflects on the early days: “DJ by the sixth grade, making mixtapes, I was amazed when the shit played,” complete with a riotous "Disco Duck" enhanced vocal. On the finger-snapping “If U Were Me,” Dujon states his case, lamenting about the death of his mother: “If you were haunted by your memories, and makin’ music was the only way to set 'em free…” but still manages to have a fine time as he jokes, “What if your name was similar to a condiment?” Overall, it’s a dark number, driven by a nervous, pensive beat, but nicely contoured with sung layered choruses. Making an encore appearance is “Everything But the Girl,” which Dujon released as a single last year, garnering radio airplay from nearly a dozen Quebec outlets. That remains his greatest bid for potential mainstream success, with a robust, upfront rap, retro New York freestyle production, swirling harmonies and a keen message that “A lot of things I already got—except a girl who I love, and is really hot.” Dujon offers a fine balance between the expected elements of hip-hop, attention to melody—which is missing from so much of modern rap fare—and enough humor to temper the rough and tumble variables of the genre. And youth is also on his side. Dujon sounds ready to evolve into the main course. - Billboard Discoveries


Still working on that hot first release.



Dujon Walker (aka Dujo) surrounded himself with music at a young age, singing in choir and playing keyboard and clarinet by age 12. The vocalist and instrumentalist delved into producing his own tracks and writing lyrics at the ripe old age of 13. Throughout his teens, he honed his craft and began taking his music to the performance stage.

Despite having developed a performing career by the time he finished high school, Dujon set his music aside to pursue a college degree and a career in computer science. It was the sudden and jarring passing of his mother that led him to realign his priorities.

[My mother's death] made me realize that you only get one life and you have to spend it doing what you love.

Taking inspiration from his mother's life, in 2010 Dujon teamed with platinum, award-winning producer Darius Szczepaniak (Sum 41, Fefe Dobson, Choclair) to record and release a 5-song EP entitled Success. The record was well-received among critics. Billboard Discoveries said of Success:

Dujon offers a fine balance between the expected elements of hip-hop, attention to melodywhich is missing from so much of modern rap fareand enough humor to temper the rough and tumble variables of the genre. And youth is also on his side. Dujon sounds ready to evolve into the main course.

Around the same time, he left his hometown of Toronto to spend a year in sunny Miami. Upon his return to Canada in 2011, everything changed. Everything.

The artist formerly known as Dujon is now Dujo P. With a new moniker and a sun-infused disposition, he has laid a new foundation. His new label, Dujo Recordings, is putting out music through his new publishing company, Dujo Publishing. The first release by the companies will be the new single by Dujo P, "Take Over the World," available on June 20. A complete mixtape is slated for release later in the summer.

Dujo P is far from a solitary soul, though. He formed a Hip-hop collective known as DigitalHeart Beats (dHb), including himself, a DJ (DJ TJ), rapper Drama Drae, and singer This Is Will. Recordings by the collective and its individual artists have led to Dujo P taking on a new role as Producer.

dHb has built a strong college following DJ-ing parties and putting on shows. The collective's popularity has even spawned a line of clothing and merchandise based around dHb's own brand. Look for a dHb album somewhere down the road.

But for the foreseeable future Dujo P is starting his worldwide onslaught with his single and enough inspiration and adrenaline to fuel him well into the next year.