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A self-proclaimed Upperground Artist, meaning everything you love about Underground Hip-Hop, coupled with catchy hooks and an ear for dope production. Add in an energetic, heartfelt-live show and you get: Dukalion.


Creative. Intelligent. Witty. Vivid. There are few better words to describe Dukalion, a Hip-Hop artist who hails from the Cream City, better known as Milwaukee, Wisconsin. With influences from every genre of art (citing Dean Koontz, Nas & the surrealist artwork of Salvador Dali as his biggest influences as a writer), Dukalion considers himself a student of life, with the intent of learning and applying every bit of knowledge he comes across positively to influence future generations of the world at large.

The origins of his name actually derive from Dean Koontz' reworking of Frankenstein, in which the monster, 200 years removed from its creation, chose the name of Deucalion. After further research, the young emcee learned that Deucalion is the Greek version of the Judaic tale of Noah and the Flood. Fittingly, he felt that Hip-Hop has been over-flooded with "bulls*^+", therefore he embarks on the mission of saving it.

Born on January 30th, 1990 as Edward Anthony Estese, Jr. (C.K.A. Ahkil Negasi Aton Rutledge-Estese) to parents, actor/ producer Edward Anthony Estese, Sr. and artist/ baker/ educator/ event planner Tafarah Rutledge, Dukalion (dew-cal-e-n) was introduced to the arts and education at a very young age. In addition to living as an Army Brat in Berlin, W. Germany as well as Colorado Springs, Colorado, the young Emcee has been to a lot of places, using his cultured upbringing to reach multiple facets in his music, touching on everything from religion and government, racism, partying, bullying, love, and the pursuit of peace and happiness.

It was in the summer of 1999 that, after seeing his 16 year-old Uncle writing songs, DK decided to further his new found love for poetry and put it to music. Since then, he's immersed himself in the history of the artform, studying legends like LL Cool J, Slick Rick, Nas, Rakim, Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, Outkast, and Eminem, among many others. He honed his craft, learning the tricks of the trade in the form of battles and ciphers all around the city of Milwaukee. In 11th grade, he, along with 2 classmates, formed an after-school Poetry Club, which led him to performing in Open Mics and showcases wherever he could gain admittance.

After graduating high school, he went to the local Community College to major in Music Business. He simultaneously joined a group of aspiring emcees, SAFS Crew, and later dropped out after the first semester to pursue music full-time, releasing his debut EP The Boiling Point. He began booking his own shows, and even went on to throw his own events, C!pha !n Da Park, to bring together artists from all over the most segregated city in the country. After 3 years of paid dues in Milwaukee & Madison, Wisconsin, Dukalion decided to spread his wings and fly West for access to more opportunity in Los Angeles, CA.

Since moving to Los Angeles, he's more than taken advantage, spreading his name throughout the underground scenes in LA, Hollywood, Orange County, the Valley & Long Beach. He hosted a few radio podcasts with DJ Wurx from 93.3 Exitos, featuring up and coming talent from L.A. to South Africa. His brightest moment to date is relishing in the opportunity to perform in front of a packed Memorial Day crowd at the House of Blues in Hollywood, in which he performed with the rock group Clean Corruption, opening up for the highly sought after hair-metal cover band Steel Panther. Initial skepticism of a rapper at a metal show quickly gave way to excitement as the emcee won the crowd over with his energetic showmanship, charisma, and universal appeal.

This performance, as well as a few others with acoustic Folk/ Pop duo Everett Coast has led to several headlining sets at none other than the legendary House Of Blues on Sunset. Dukalion has since released his first project in 5 years, The Journey of the Lost Ark EP, headed by the smash single "Zero Gravity". He also has an LP of the same name slated for release this year, with features on both HHDX.com and Team Backpack! It's safe to say that the young rapper has built a strong foundation, and is ready to set sail on the current air-waves with his fresh brand of fun, intelligent, intellectual, and charming style of Hip-Hop. So get in line, 2 by 2, and follow the leader of the New School!

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The Boiling Point (Sampler)- 2009 (Independent)
The Journey of the Lost Ark EP- Jan. 30th, 2014 (Independent)