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Duke music provide emotion, energy and knowledge to whoever hear's it. He brings the true essense of true hip hop with alot of ILL-TOWN swagg combine. Duke music is informative and provide an outlet for the youth to be heard.


Desmond Darryl Marion Jr., was born on April 20, 1992 in Chicago, Illinois. Duke is the eldest of four children. He has two sisters (Dannieyah and Durriyah and one brother Devin). Duke's parents Desmond Sr. and Elizabeth. moved their family to Bellwood Illinois when Duke was ten-years old; here is where he first gained a curiosity for music. Around this time Duke developed a genuine interest in hip hop. DUKE contributes his love of music to such artist as; Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne and Easy E. While in school, Duke excelled in all of his writing classes. So he decided to put his passion for music and his writing skills together to create art. WOW! What a combination. His experiences in life as a young man are revealed through his music. Duke has been blessed with a talent that gives him the ability to put what he sees around him into words. Once he taps into his innermost feelings, he comes up with an endless supply of material. One only has to listen to his words and realize that he is remarkable. Duke is described as a versatile rapper who attacks any and all subjects with a vengeance. He is a great storyteller, and that's what hip hop is all about to Duke; a story that needs to be told with music behind it. Duke's lyrics will strike a nerve in the young and the old. Duke is a person who stays on the grind and is constantly creating more and more songs. Duke continues to enhance his musical talents by working with other local artist and producers. Duke wishe's for one day to start his own record label called "ILL-Town Records". Duke's passion for music continues to grow and so does he. Duke is destined for stardom. He shows staying power and will leave you wanting more.


My Last Breath LP is streaming on itune, napster, emusic.

Set List

My last breath,
We dont dance