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I have unofficially release an EP entitled "ONE SHOT DEAL". in 2003 under my own independent record label CHRONICLE ENTERTAINMENT.


Feeling a bit camera shy


RYHTM OF MY LIFE THE MEMOIR My name is Demian Lloyd Francis. I was born in Jamaica, Cornerstone of the West Indies. May 29th I entered the world singing. My story is one with no end and no beginning. My mom wanted to find a better life. On Air Canada, she couldnt find a better flight. So I was left with my pops. Pops left and that was that. 7 years later, my mother came back. I was raised by my aunts where I grew up around music. I learned every dance, the radio I would tune in. Recorded my voice on cassette One of Shabba Ranks songs, I couldnt write my own yet. But, 1990 was a year of changes. We landed at Pearson International Airport with suit cases, Leaving Jamaica behind was a heartbreak. Luckily music is every where to mend the heartache. Hip-hop didnt catch me at first I would listen to reggae music til my ear drums hurt Hip-hop hooray ho hay ho Hip-hop hooray ho hay ho This was my favorite song 1993 just walking along Going to school reciting my song Like biblical psalms I lived with my sister and my mom Two turn tables I used to lift up di song Pull up da track remember that my roots go back Im used to stone love big sound and sound clash Then I started to come around to R&B and hip-hip Kipling and Steeles, walkman in my knapsack I went to Smithfield in Martin Grove and then Elm Bank Graduated and West Humber was my next stop Move to Rexdale in 1994, that was the best spot Free styling and beat boxing at the bus stop Writing poetry and verses thats where my heads at Bobbing to Nas and Mobb Deep until ma head snap High school wasnt a walk in the park In Rexdale its never safe for you to walk in the dark But I was focused, formulating rhymes in my thoughts. I used to dream of the money and fame Of being a super star and people knowing my name The blood in vain, pump like high wattage speakers I dropped out of school; I dont blame it on my teachers Always ahead of my class, in dress code and sneakers Hung around and smoked, my lungs filled with refer Whats my purpose in life? my consciousness getting deeper By 18 I was making beats non-stop Anvil Studios, midi programming through a desktop All of a sudden music is more than a hobby More than just spitting a dope flow in the lobby A lot of money and time was invested I did not give up, like some people expected My vision is to be the greatest lyricist I still remember in 1996 when I first envisioned it Ten years has passed, its the awakening A decade of blood, sweat and tears, have the speakers vibrating. In the spring of 2003 I recorded ONE SHOT DEAL If you listen to the CD you would know how one shot feels The beats, the lyrics and the flow combined Painted pictures and scenes once only in my mind. The respond was tremendous It became the a window of opportunity fermented. Since then I have being getting a lot of exposure And the destiny I chose everyday becomes closer. From radio shows to web sites and open mics, To falling back in love with rap and free styling all night Times have changed but some things remain the same DUKEZ wants to be the best rapper in the game Present day I am working on my first album I am about to release a mix tape, I have plans now To establish CHRONICLE ENTERTAINMENT To create oversee my album from production to arrangement To release a compilation with all Canadian artist As you can see my story will end where it started.