Dulce de Leche

Dulce de Leche


Eclectic sonic latin rhythms from the sun. Presented here by a band like no other. Mexico meets the west and this time there is a happy ending.


Started on a whim. Perfected trough rhythm. Solidfied by truth. We are dulce de leche. We believe originality and simplicity are the forerunners of music. Using a range of instruments in one set : woodblocks, bird whistles, acoustic to electric guitars, vocal effects, cowbells etc: we dive into a wonderful array of sounds. Our story is one of love. We try to bring happiness into the hearts of children young and old.


Valley of death

Written By: varela

So as you walk through the valley of death good son have you done your best? Do the great things that you did in life amaze you? Of all the people that you loved and all the dishes that you've rubbed do you really think that anyone can save you?
I know you tried an' tried an' tried
and your just in it for the ride
but everyone around still looking at you
so.. smile.

In every town there is a man with a gun in his hand but what he doesn't understand is that this don't make him a man.

Fingertip love

Written By: Varela

You know you wait till the very next day to talk about what she has to day, but you never think that it's the end, no it's not the end it's just the beginning. You remember how it first was when you first held hands and you touched. "Its okay little baby don't you cry on my shoulder its gonna be alright"

Your love is falling through my fingertips and thats ok.

You know you I used to think that you and me would be happy forever, but I guess thats not the case, no thats not the case no no.


Self titled Ep. "Meet Dulce de leche"
five song home recordings.
Track listing: Valley of death, Tengo Trabajo, Black dress, If I die, Bossa Leve.
Some are currently streaming at www.myspace.com/ilovedulcedeleche

Set List

Depeding on how we feel. Suspending on the crowd appeal we like to improvise and see where the soul reaches. We can play a two minute set or a 45 minute set. ex set list.

(1st act acoustic)
Introduction music
Valley of death
Fingertip love
Interlude music
Tengo Trabajo
One thing for you
Black dress
Amore Pior (Instrumental playback)
(2nd act acoustic)
Coracao Vagabundo(C. Veloso)
season of reason
Percussion breakdown
(act 3 Electric)
Tu me acostumbraste (F. Dominguez)
Two tone jack

Cover songs are usually classic brazillian/mexican/south american
ex. Caetano veloso: coracao vagabundo
Frank Dominguez: Tu me acostumbraste