Dulce Pájara de Juventud

Dulce Pájara de Juventud

 Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

"No one can resist Sansoms voice and how she hit's those drums. Their live act is hope in the darkness and their latest album Hannibal is one of the albums of the year" Mondosonoro, Oct 2013

"More than a band they are a state of mind" El Pais, Sep 2013

"Sharp, warlike songs that are elegant desolating, if this album had been released by XL, half of Pitchfork would be doing the wave" Rockdelux, Oct 2013


Friends since kinder garden, Dulce Pjara de Juventud is a band born in the industrial belt of Barcelona (El Baix Llobregat). They bet for both epic and psychedelic songs.
With a tight balance between the vocal parts and the instrumental development (that the band use as a field to express emotions) the compositions of this album stick to your skin like mosquitos in September. The presence of expanding keyboards, chorus lines that dont brush away the idea of epic and uouoooos, and a solid rhythmic base could bring to
our mind present bands like Deerhunter, Arcade Fire or Fang Island. One listens to Gigalove on the subway and cant stop turning up the volume and hitting the floor to the rhythm of the drums. The tube seems to go upwards instead of sideways; the bands songs look you in the eyes and remind you that the sun will come up tomorrow. The band seems to have a contagious wish of freedom in their souls. That feeling
of letting go that makes life worth living. Songs that always look forward, with an internal epic that portraits the emotional roller coaster we all live with post adolescence.
Emotion, desire, lack of control (Dear Bruno), mysticism, fear (The Fear), death (Junior vs. Death), sadness, love (Ani) and disenchantmentAll this palette of emotions are present on the album (In fact Daniel Johnston -The small, giant emperor of showing sincere emotions- is one of the bands artistic reference) Santi Garca wise production on the album highlights the expressive versatility of Dulce Pjara de Juventuds compositions. The band shows its easiness to add different instruments (keyboards, strings), vocal lines and
all types of atmospheres (incredible instrumental interlude Nacer 3 with vocals by a mad south American TV preacher used as a crescendo) so that new colours appear with each listen. The cut that opens this collection of songs, Feel, is an invitation to taste their world of feelings and brings to our memory the Boo Radleys of Giant Steps. In other moments of the album we can find landscapes surprisingly reminding
us of Flaming Lips or the first Mercury Rev (the good ones we mean). The use of psychedelic melodies that made these bands big is one of Dulce Pjaras identity signs. Gigalove, is for example, a giant balloon filled with helium that goes up to never come down, like the best songs by the Pixies.
We wish all the Young bands around now had the same ambition, boldness and rhythmic and melodic sense as Dulce Pjara de Juventud.


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