Dulcet Road

Dulcet Road


Dulcet Road, a Chicago-based band, mines the Americana genre to come up with their own musical soup that mixes influences and styles to form their own unique voice. Strident vocals and driving guitars are a DR trademark.


Dulcet Road came to existence after Bryon and Art recorded a batch of demos and searched for the right musicians to fulfill their musical vision. Andy Seagren was the first to come aboard, followed by Bryon's brother Dan to fill out the sound. Always aware that a piece of the vision was missing, luck would come there way in the form of keyboardist Dan Patten. The musical palette was complete and DR 'found' their sound, which is a witches brew of Americana mixed with rock and roll. The divergent members all bring various influences which may or may not always be very evident, but are always somewhere lurking within. These seasoned veterans take the responsibility of playing high caliber music very seriously, but have fun and energetic live shows that leave the people wanting more.


Dulcet Road's eponymous CD was released on January 10, 2010. It is available at iTunes, CD Baby, Digstation and Amazon.

Set List

Can play up to 1 1/2 hour shows of all original tunes, with a choice cover sprinkled in for good measure.