Dulcimerhead: progressive rock/folk with a heart of pure thrash energy; equally at home in a coffeehouse with traditional-style original melodies, or unleashing a rocking stomp to rouse festival crowds. Powerful, haunting, uplifting: often improvised, NEVER compromised.


Dulcimerhead invite their listeners on a fantastic journey.

Their exciting new "psychedelic folk" sound was made for Festivals.

The surprising synergy of dulcimer and djembe is powered by vocals and lyrics that make listeners think of Jefferson Airplane, or even The Doors, with a totally original and contemporary world beat.

Dulcimerhead offers a beautiful fusion of dulcimer, drums and soaring voice.

Progressive anthems like "Cup of Plenty" involve festival audiences in a vision of creative community. This music gives an intimate feel to even a large scale music event.

Dulcimerhead's music captured on recordings like Western Voyage, Eastern Shore marks a new direction for their psychedelic folk sound. But their true calling is live performance, often spontaneously improvised, speaking directly to the audience on many levels.

Drummer Fernando Villalobos, who also plays drums thrash-metal style in the band No Assembly Required, is known for his spontaneous djembe solos and inspired drum kit improvisation.

David Rankine, the band's founder and well-known Celtic artist, takes the traditional mountain dulcimer to electrified heights complete with wailing feedback, influenced by eclectic sources ranging from Ravi Shankar to Jimi Hendrix.

Daniela Godina, poet, artist and healer, pulls lyrics together with a voice that is described as "dark, haunting, and captivating, almost like a female Jim Morrison."

It all works; and when Dulcimerhead plays, people get happy.

To sum up: Dulcimerhead delivers original progressive rock/folk with a heart of pure thrash energy; equally at home in the coffeehouse with traditional-sounding original melodies, or unleashing a rocking stomp to rouse festival crowds.

The music is powerful, uplifting, joyous; often improvised, NEVER compromised.

This band has been a crowd-pleaser at festival venues such as the Words Alive Festival, Windfall Ecology Fest, Burlington Earth Art Festival, the Sharon Temple Illumination, and at more intimate venues like coffee houses, art galleries, schools and large private functions.

Dulcimerhead sends a strong message of positive, creative community-oriented action.

This band is a favourite of socially-conscious and arts-oriented groups, and has done fundraising work for the York Region Food Network.

Dulcimerhead also offers sound/rhythm workshops suitable for creative groups, corporate retreats and schools of all kinds.


Western Voyage, Eastern Shore (June 2009)
Dark Mandala (April 2009)
Sacred Sound (September 2008)
Revealed Structure (October 2007)
Gnosis (June 2007)
All That Is EP (March 2007)

Also at http://radio3.cbc.ca/
For samples of music and LIVE video performance, please visit www.reverbnation.com/dulcimerhead.
Other music and info about the band at www.myspace.com/dulcimerhead1

Set List

Dulcimerhead can play a full three-hour show of original music with two short intermissions, or shorter cafe set lists as you prefer.

Typical Set List (approx. 75 minute concert with one intermission):
1. Invocation of the Norns
2. Persian Trance
3. Abound
4. Ullalume's Return
5. Dark Mandala/Axis of Love
6. Sunstone
7. Journeying (Free jam)
8. Sister Cycles
9. Cultivate
10. Cu de Solas & Loch Duich
11. Waves on the Point & a pinch of Turn, Turn, Turn
12. Circles (djembe solo)
13. Cup of Plenty
14. Try so Hard
but we could go forever!!!