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Montréal, Quebec, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Montréal, Quebec, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Pop Rock




"Not I - Dullboy"

Another very humbling submission from an incredibly gifted group of musicians… dullboy submitted “Not I” and what a glorious ending to a day it has suddenly become. dullboy is from Montreal, and their music transcends genres. A little country, a little alternative-rock, a little indie, with some pop elements sprinkled throughout, creates a sound that many artists would be lucky to achieve with their fifth album let alone their FIRST studio album such as dullboy have done. Speaking of that album, it’s self-titled “dullboy” and is available for purchase on iTunes and I cannot recommend it enough. Be sure to check it out and as always, enjoy!

-NandV - Notes & Vibes

"dullboy album launch at Theatre Sainte Catherine"

On any given night in Montreal, you’ll find a handful of big name bands performing in the city’s venues; Metropolis, Corona, Bell Center. But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find out that there are dozens of shows going on in all of the smaller corners of the town too. There are more bands that live here than most people even realize, and maybe for that reason, it seems like Montrealers are always discovering new music in hidden concert venues.

This is exactly what happened to me as I found my way to the Theatre Ste-Catherine, just a short 5 minute walk from the Saint-Laurent metro station on the Green Line. I was invited to check out Montreal band Dullboy at their album launch at a venue I had never even heard of, with opening Montreal acts King Karoshi, and Canadian singer/songwriter Scott Moffatt.

Theatre Ste-Catherine proved to be the perfect spot for their album launch. Equal parts charming and grungy, the brick walls and high ceilings were an ideal acoustic set-up for all the musicians set to perform. Scott Moffatt took the stage first around 9:30pm. Sporting big glasses, and dressed in that quirky way songwriters sometimes are, I was completely won over. I later discovered that he was one of the brothers who made up the band The Moffatts in the late 90’s/early 2000’s (whose music I was obsessed with, might I add), but at the show, not knowing his background, I was immediately taken in by his incredible songwriting, catchy melodies, and personable chatter with the crowd between songs. Although he mentioned not making it out to Montreal very often, hopefully he’ll find a way to play longer than 20 minutes next time he’s here!

The second performers were Montreal-based King Karoshi. Their style of music definitely changed the vibe of the room, and reminded me of a slightly more rock version of The Civil Wars. Vocalist Patrick Dunphy has a really interesting voice that I wouldn’t have normally placed with that kind of grungy, alternative/rock music, but it totally worked. It really balanced out their sound on stage, and definitely makes them stand out in a sea of up & coming musicians.

Around 11pm, Dullboy finally hit the stage, much to the anticipation of an absolutely jam-packed venue. Fans and friends alike were screaming, clapping, and showing their unrelenting support for all the hard work the guys put into their brand new album. They set the tone right away by starting off with ‘Tried To Say’. The song is purely instrumental, which can sometimes lose listeners- but I was completely captivated. They were perfectly in sync, the song loud and crisp, and showed exactly just how well hard work pays off.

The band was previously known as ‘The Ben Cardili Band’ (after the lead singer’s name), but with a name change comes a fresh start, and the night got things going for them just right. They continued to play new tracks off their self-titled release of the evening, including ‘Proof’, which mixes their alternative sound with a slightly more punk/rock vibe, as well as ‘Making A List’, ‘Not I’, and ‘Refuge’, among others. Cardili’s vocals rang strong and clearly throughout their songs, showing just how comfortable he was on stage with his band mates. I had yet to hear many of their songs, but have to admit I enjoyed every track I heard throughout the evening. I was a definite convert to their music; hard to describe because it blends so many genres together, but the result is the best of alternative, pop, and rock.

Honorable mention goes out to artist Marc Dupuis, who spent the entire set painting on the balcony just above where Dullboy was performing. I couldn’t help but look up and watch him work, completely mesmerized at how any given song was inspiring his choice of colors and brush strokes. For all the shows I’ve been to in Montreal, watching an artist paint at the same time was a first!

The guys were in a fantastic mood, chatting and laughing with the crowd, noticeably smiling- even when the lights were too dim to see them well- and dancing along to their own tunes. As far as album launches go, it’s safe to say this one was a huge success, and a well earned one, at that. Dullboy put on an amazing set, showing just what it takes to get your name out there in today’s industry. I’m happy to have discovered their music (and promptly bought the new album when I woke up this morning), and can’t wait to see the Montreal band play again! - confront magazine


Whenever a band you’ve only heard in a live setting puts out a record, there’s a certain give and take. The debut album by dullboy. is no exception. In a live setting their 90s-inspired alt-rock takes on a much heavier tone than the album does. This is something of a blessing, though. Reigning in the rocky chaos of their live sound gives other elements of their sound the opportunity to shine. In a live setting, lead singer and guitar player Ben Cardilli’s voice is focused on being heard, but on the album there is a clarity that allows him the opportunity to be understood. His masterful use of whiny falsetto brings to mind the distinct vocal style of Raine Maida, the lead singer of 90s and 00s Canadian alt-rock legends Our Lady Peace, a band that I have no doubt dullboy. counts among their influences.

The songs on this record are catchy without lacking passion, emotive without being melodramatic and like its grunge predecessors, are a melting pot of genres and styles. There are minimalistic singer-songwriter tunes with a distinct country twist that I never noticed live but that play a prominent role on the record; there are also beautiful power ballads about love that wouldn’t sound out of place on top 40 radio stations, but manage to squeeze heavily distorted guitar riffs low enough in the mix to create a sense of darkness without attracting too much attention. My favourite moments on the record are those that, through unique rhythmic choices, hint at metal and progressive rock without getting too abrasive or weird and risk alienating anyone attracted to the melodic pop aspect of their sound.

The band’s ability to mix genres that are considered to be at different levels of artistic integrity by the general public is arguably their greatest asset. Rock purists won’t feel the need to justify dullboy. as a “guilty pleasure” and their smart and relatable lyrics are likely to strike a chord with just about anyone. The album was officially launched last weekend at Theatre Ste. Catherine and is now available on iTunes and the band’s official website.

-Brian - Bloody Underrated

"Dullboy Review"

Led by singer/songwriter/guitarist Ben Cardilli, dullboy (formerly The Ben Cardilli Band) are a Montreal-based band that deliver '90s-inflected modern rock with real skill (their name is a misnomer!). With a now stable lineup, Cardilli and his three comrades deliver an impressive eponymous full-length debut, skilfully produced by Cardilli. The group has played CMW and opened shows for Brian Byrne (I Mother Earth) and Kongos. They play alongside Toronto's Paint at Montreal's O Patro Vys on Sept. 26.

Kerry Doole - New Canadian Music

"BUMP: Ben Cardilli Band, Syzzors & Fm Hi Low @ RAC showcase"

...The first act to perform was the Ben Cardilli Band. Their mix of alt-rock heaviness and pop sensibilities is reminiscent of 90s grunge without bastardizing or copying it exactly. Mirroring their soft and loud musical dynamics, in between their serious and emotional songs lead singer and rhythm guitar player Ben Cardilli lightened the mood with goofy and charming banter. As a whole the band performed with a technical proficiency that highlighted a progressive rock and metal influence, particularly in Chris See Hoye’s beautiful lead guitar parts and Pascal Beauregard’s drum parts, which brought interesting rhythmic patterns to some of the song’s straightforward pop moments... - Bloody Underrated


Still working on that hot first release.



dullboy is an assembly of dedicated musicians from Montreal determined to offer a unique & honest brand of modern pop-rock. Ben Cardilli (lead vocals/guitar), Chris See Hoye (lead guitar/vocals), Pascal Beauregard (drums), and Kevin Brunelle (Bass) fuel their passion for creating and performing innovative, yet accessible music with the liberated harmonic vision of the 90's.

Originating as a side project stemming from Cardilli’s extensive vault of solo acoustic materiel, the revolving door of musicians making up 4 years of ‘Ben Cardilli Band’ finally solidified with a lineup whose interpretation of the songs stood apart. In 2014 - dullboy is born. Having outlasted any of Ben’s previous attempts to orchestrate the music, the smooth melodic sensibilities of long-time friend and collaborator - Chris, would quickly prove to be a key ingredient in the born-again-band's signature sound. With their later discovery of a unique balance across from prog-rockers Pascal & Kevin, the quartet is once again kicking ass and taking names. 

Between the tender personal poetry and atmospheric audio assault that one can expect from dullboy live or on record, audiences have yet to disagree that these guys are on to something special. What’s more, this young assortment of Montreal music scene veterans has already built momentum by opening up for renowned artists such as Brian Byrne (I Mother Earth) and Kongos - in addition to participating in great Canadian festivals like Canadian Music Week (as BCB). With their first full-length album now available, and an official music video for their single “Proof” under way, you'll have to keep an ear out for the newest evolution of Canadian Rock & Roll!

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