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"Deep, Pounding Rhythms Heard in the Next Village"

Traditionalism and spectacle merged in Dulsori, a South Korean group whose name means "wild beat." The group played huge drums placed overhead, along with flutes and koto-like zither. They set up deep, pounding rhythms derived from outdoor farmers' festivals that could probably be heard in the next village. But Dulsori had modern show-business touches, too. Its singers cued audience participation like pop stars, gesturing with wireless microphones. At one point the melody on a double-reed instrument turned into the "Ole, Ole" sports cheer.

By Jon Pareles
January 15, 2008 - The New York Times

"Their Pace Never Lets Up"

It's a gripping performance of delicious percussion, crashing drums and rabble-rousing vocals, with an Iggy Pop moment when the leader strips to the waist and urges us to sing "oi, oi, oi" and similar chants along with the beats.

By John L Walters
August 1, 2005 - The Guardian

"Biggest Eureka, Still Possible to Find Something New"

The evening's biggest eureka moment, however, came courtesy of the Korean ensemble Dulsori, which was making its stateside bow. From an opening number that found its members playing all surfaces of three wildly oversized bass drums that dwarfed them, the septet veered between keening traditional folk and neo-psychedelic, harp-based jams. Theirs was a revelatory performance, proof that it¡¯s still possible to find something new under the sun.

By David Sprague
January 15, 2008 - VARIETY

"Uncontainable Energy Sparking Over"

The performers’ uncontainable energy sparked over into the audience when they led them to join in, teaching them a rhythmic traditional song and encouraging them to clap with the beat. They then herded everyone outside for a conga-like finale in the balmy June evening – perhaps a mistake on their part, because everyone was having such a great time, the audience were reluctant to let the performers finish and leave, and the drummers were surrounded and outnumbered. - The Irish Times

"Drums Ambassadors Who Invite the World to Bang Along"

The rhythmic energy moves centre stage with Dulsori, a five-strong Korean drum troupe whose name means 'the heartbeat of the land.' formed in 1984, their rhythms are traditionally derived and explosively delivered - during their shows, the stage contains more instruments to bang, rattle and beat than the average well-stocked drum shop. Their passionate performances are also famous for their high degree of audience participation, using the beat of their drums - as they put it - 'to build harmony and a sense of community between the audience and performers.' Indeed, performances frequently involve Dulsori and audience joining together in one giant collective percussion train for a conga-like finale. - WOMAD


Regular Album
- Eternal Memory: Dulsori, 2007

Compilation Album
- Music from Korea: the Lightness of Being, 2008
- WOMADness, 2006
- Korean Rooter's Song, 2002



"An Extraordinary Feast for Both the Ears and the Eyes" - Sunday Herald -

# No more misunderstanding as an epigone of Taiko

Dulsori have been a regular attendee at WOMEX for several years, where the promoters have begun to recognize the name of 'DULSORI' and the group has had modest success in securing agents in several European countries including Germany and Ireland and in the USA where the group has toured several times with great success. However, for many agents, presenters and festival directors, Dulsori is still just a name.

One promoter was heard to say "I heard that you were brilliant! Great Taiko drummers, aren't you?"
It is time to dispel this misconception.

That's why Dulsori need to do a showcase in WOMEX with the entire support by KAMS(Korean Arts Management Service). While, truly we are not a new comer in this area, many of the professionals in the World Music Scene don't yet know Dulsori which presents Korean traditional music consisting of NOT ONLY EXTRAORDINARY ENERGETIC DRUMS BUT CHARMING MELODIC INSTRUMENTS WITH POWERFUL UNIQUE VOCALS.

# Why this year in Copenhagen?

The company has been working hard to promote the Dulsori's music for quite some time and succeeding to expand its branches in London and New York. A SHOWCASE in WOMEX will ensure that the many agents, presenters and festival directors who have heard of the group over years will have a chance to see the group live. The ground work has been done. The company is NOW ready to take advantage of this opportunity which we hope WOMEX will offer us.

* Since its establishment in 1984,
Dulsori has concentrated on blending Korean traditions with the contemporary arts while maintaining its own idiosyncratic musical approach. Whilst striving to communicate, engage and entertain audience with original inspirational work, Dulsori is constantly seeking to improve the rapport between the performers and the audience. A variety of different approaches to the interpretation of traditional music have resulted in the two current touring productions, 'BINARI: the Spirit of the Beat' and 'TAONORI'.

* Songs recommended to listen are 'Heaven, Earth and People' and 'DULSORI'
* See the video clip at www.youtube.com/dulsori & www.youtube.com/dulsorimania