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dumate (pronounced DOO - muh - tay) is a Hiphop band. we concentrate on social/political rhymes and original, hard hitting beats. reminicent of Hip Hop before all the ice and lame hood stories.

dumate is Hiphop. deeply influenced by the life and energy of Hiphop Kulture, the members are at odds with the media's depictions of rap music (the only element of Hiphop Kulture that gets any media attention).

dumate erupted on the Madison Hiphop scene in 2004, playing a string of explosive live sets to critical acclaim. with Mr. Parker on the rhymes, and a full band of Madison all-stars behind him, the group quickly secured a place in Madison's ever growing & maturing Hiphop scene.

by combining old-school beat making approaches with innovative studio techniques, vicious, politically charged rhymes, and a slammin' live set, dumate is the next step in true-school Hiphop.


hold on

Written By: LaDuma Nguyuza, Demetrius WainWright

sometimes i wonder if,
i can take the pressure
but i got to,
hold on!!
i go to
hold on
sometimes i wonder if
i can maintain
but i got to
hold on!!
i go to
hold on!!

stop the silence
the this life is a physical challenge
a real deep thought with a chemical imbalance
the pen pushes easier with subject pain
what remains therapeutic anybody in range
i hope you hear me
this shit is for you
a depiction of my life i lead my art through
bleed my heart to
inside a dark flu
congested and invested in life the hard truth
let me take a deep breath and just relax a bit
and stop writing these songs for the fun of it
it's a heavy ass wall and i'm under it
mountains on top of my back but what becomes of it
stand strong
keep a knowledge of the angles
while my finger races through the page like a vandal
marking up diction devine
but the scandal is low to the ground steady biting at
my ankles
with my people beside we all ride
it's rough
but hold on and keep up stride
cause together we some shit
why would we divide
multiplied by the same sun keeping up live, but hold

it's like madness on the out looking insane
feel like somebody else is driving the brain
maintain with the flame that my family claims
but I'm out, burned out, wild suddenly tame
wild something in vain
please don't say the name
remain chill
tears dry fast with the rain
i'm pilot of the aircraft over these plains
weed crops need not amplify the rain
intense but stay calm got my hand on the bomb
time ticks
rhyme sick plus a devilish charm
my shell is titainium
i get it from moms
stole my father's good heart
mic still in my palm
most people don't even know the half
i'm lost with the bright light beaming on the path
ink with my bloodline seeping out the staff
highways with weed pipes leaning on the dash
hold on

each word each phrase
stretched to the max
problems compound problems how do we relax
grinding but not finding
caught in these straps
medicated from the start son it?s time to relaps
niggas die
women raped
children without hope
fiends dope
mothers cope
sons caught in the rope
bush lies
babies cry and pushed to the side
business men enterprise
brothers droppin like flies
others look
cultures shook
his story in books
lost crews
crack carefully cooked
paid dues
fake news
power abused
government interludes
mind blowing a fuse
on and on the list goes
dawn till dawn
take a look inside yourself
don't be alarmed
true peace lies deep
on a planet uncalm
press your mind up against the vibe and hold on

mr. parker

Written By: (L. Nguyuza)

my mental trails travel through treks like Odysseus
and exodus into the unknown follow the lyrisist
frontal lobe polaris like leading me into this
image of infinity with the opposite of impotence
brain hemispheres correspond like magnets
and be the plus and minus of webbed thought
based on tangent
duality of schizophrenic
comprehensive fragments
tuned to the oxygen abyss in my chest cabinet
the born African
porn advocate
verses marked: handle extreme care with silk packaging
ill imagining
and still fathoming the burn of these Helios UV rays emcees are basking in
so play me close cause you might get lost
in this labyrinth of verbal onslaught with no course
expression to the zenith or my voice rides horse
subjects intermixing like flames in the torch

Mr. Parker the wall crawling secret agent
kill it every time kill it kill it every time
Mr. Parker the wall crawling secret agent
you might see him on the microphone next, yo!

so take a blue whales breath and get ready for cloud nine
divine lines strictly designed for primed minds
inside you’ll find instructions for plans to climb spines
signs lead to the blind of a mainstream shine
recline, and listen close to the binds of each line
and how they grind you down to the wine of each vine
infiltrate your army’s confines
dodge land mines
the serpentine inclined
to ravish rhymes of all kind
infinite expression of text
mangling my mannerisms making music a mess
fumbling ferocious phonics for the flavor to flex
serving up the syntax with the semblance of sex
express with context and flows is convex
protect my prospect
keep pressed no digress
his honor heredity harnessed his highness
and Dud Pics The Headless Horseman is Parker’s complex


dapper diction defines and designs dope delivery
the vault verbalizing vats of vehement validity
intense interaction in the interest of infamy
words wage wars on weak warriors who won’t worry me
scurry the along i will certainly
revamp all thoughts of ever tryin to murder me
and verbally refurbish your mind state
absurdly you never heard of me
but hung on every last word from me
Mr. Parker
i’ll identify for clarity
your girl’s on bended knee
but she didn’t ask to marry me
the lead stallion in a 4,000 horse-power
insurrection where the tom, dick, and harry’s be
stay mad at me
fuck it rent a canopy
then invite all the corny emcee who tried to battle me
i’ll probably be laughing haphazardly
surprised these shook one
padawans who thought they could burry me

1 for the treble (feat. D.L.O.)

Written By: (L. Nguyuza, B. Thomas, D. Wainwright)

v1 (Mr. Parker)
it’s Inatty unity
the newest kid on the block
when we rise no surprise
followed by flocks
cause four years in the making and ten off top
combined forces the fortress is Jupiter rock
solid stones put a chill in your bones
cause deep down in the zone is a balance of tone
we take a ride in the bomber
travel from home
and keep a chrome microphone
so let it be known
it’s not a game young
serious biz
deliberate and concrete
straight killing these kids
me and my clique roll deep
killing these gigs and just cock back the hammer
start peeling these wigs
i’m like chika blau
click ka clak clow
my rhyme scheme hazardous right across the brow
it’s just a matter of time from right now
the dumate take over
D.L.O. style

D.L.O. verse


1 for the treble
2 for the bass
dumate squad say me all up in the place
if you ready or not
get ready for the real Hiphop
get ready cause it’s hot y’all
1 for the treble
2 for the bass
dumate squad say me all up in the place
if you ready or not
get ready for the real Hiphop
get ready cause it’s hot y’all

Peter Phd
emcee from MD, VA or D.C.
empty completely
the east coast rep
doom A-T-E
respect don’t need me
just cop the CD
open the flood gates
niggas is dumb late
set ‘em straight scores of them mingle and frustrate
stand in a line for a single and dumb cake
fame in a New York minute but just wait
cleverly we deliver these goods heavenly
my stance is a juggernaut son you won’t level me
i’m focused
Inatty I for longevity
remedy, readily
the allstar medley
Voltron form blazing swords
the Nord scores
we the Borg
taking over you lords
vocal cords un ignored
through the vocal and poured
latch on to something hammered down to the floor



dumate rite (the known knowns)-CD

Live on the Urban Theater Vol. I (4.21.05)-CD
Live on the Urban Theater Vol. II (9.8.05)-CD
Live on the Urban Theater Vol. II (9.8.05)-DVD

Set List

one for the treble
mercury rising
i'm back
dumate rite
she wants it
carry on (ghetto youth)
w/or w/o u
hold on
play on a playa
dudley pickles
mr. parker
tailor made
you did it when you did it (punk a** b****es)
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The Same Old Thing
Clap Your Hands
Post Millenium
Nalgene (Let's be Clear)
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