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Reverse The hearse

Written By: Tom Murray

Hide the picks and hide the spades stop the men from digging graves
Tell the fire brigade to come to the crematorium
Sack the maggots and the flies close the shop that sells black ties
Punch the guy who makes the wreaths that spell out words like Mum and Keith

Take, take my death away, smooth my wrinkles dye my grey
My little life is going too fast, you can shove death up your arse

Castigate the organist, gag the priest and slap his wrist
Let the dead get up and walk and mill around and stretch and talk
Don’t plant me yet in that grassy bank. I haven’t yet had my millionth wank
And tell me why I should die so a drunken mob can eat steak pie

Take take my death reverse the hearse take my death just give me one more verse
My little life is going too fast, you can shove death…..

I seeked him here I sucked him there from Jesus Christ to my teddy bear
Someone who would be my friend and tell me death was not the end
But of course now they are gone to someone where the light is on
And in the end, you’re on your own, a nice long cuddle with a stone

Lock the graveyard loose the key, lock the graveyard set me free
My little life is just a farce if my death is all that lasts
Take. Take nay death away it’s far too high a price to pay
For my little life that’s going too fast, fucking hell, already past