Dumb Lunch

Dumb Lunch

 Knoxville, Tennessee, USA
BandHip HopEDM

World's fastest blunt rap straight outta da Southeast. Dumb Lunch keeps it real with wet weed and hot beats. Gooey tape loops and multiple rhythms coexist in a sensual overload. Nobody can ever touch this.


It all began with a peach blunt and a picnic pavillion, Dumb Lunch is now the freshest thing since da Prince. King Dumb holds it all together with his own brand multi-beat technique while NDN slices thru the mix with painful whips and What??? style tape loops. Chris What? keeps everything smoothed out when he spinnin plates N tapes with ease. Queen Dumb is da bitch dat turns it all off when things get sick. Probably cause when Chris WANK shows up with his penis. Dumb Lunch is probably the only hip hop group like this eva. Keep it real.


BUTT DRUGS Da Bleazy dump style 3XXX

Written By: Dumb Lunch

rippin butt drugs rippin rippin butt drugs rippin butt drugs popping til im trippin grindin shit on da floor all da assss want more when i lite up in da club cause im always doin more passin out just rite gonna do this all nite you lookin sober dude you lookin stupid dooood lets throw sum shots back lets stuff this blunt rap wer doin amal eatin tacos you want some butt drugs bitch sniff this bitch shots bitch suckin bitch bitch doin shots doin shot everybody droppin shots rippin poppers til i drop everyebody fukkked dubs rippin butts drugs rippin ripnnin butt drugs rippin butt drugss rippinn ripppin butts drugs 3XXXXX


"Royal Blunts double album" (Smoke Slowly Rec 2011) 120 handmade CDs, "ASS / BLUNT double tape" (Smoke Slowly Rec 2011) two cassette tapes taped together, "BEACH / BLUNT official release" (coming soon!!!)