Dumhi & Side Effect

Dumhi & Side Effect

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandHip Hop

Scratchy samples & drum breaks. Layers & filters. Incredible vocals by some of Philly's best emcees including Reef the Lost Cauze, Ethel Cee, & Random aka Mega Ran. And a live show that includes turntables, along with live bass, guitar, sax & all hosted by outstanding Philly emcee Side Effect. Dumhi.


Haj of Dumhi has been 'making beats' since 2003. During this time, he has put together some of the most interesting albums in hiphop. His formula? Sample heavy beats, great up and coming emcees, and concept/theme-laden cohesive projects.'Yoga at Home', for instance is tied together by samples of a yoga guru who guides the listener from song to song. 2010's 'The Jungle' adapts ethiopian jazz samples as a backdrop for Philly's finest emcees to catapult lyrics from. Haj has been featured in Philadelphia's "City Paper", has performed at the 2010 "Beats and Rhymes" showcase in Philly, and has been featured on several local radio shows, web sites, and mix tapes.

Recently, Haj began working to bring Dumhi's music to the stage. To do this, he reconstructed his beats so they could be performed live using Ableton Live/Serato. He also recruited Jason Lovullo (Bass), Marco Hill (Guitar) and Eric Hahn (Tenor Sax) to accompany him. Over the last year, the guys have been performing at various clubs, often with Philly emcee Side Effect holding down hosting and emceeing duty. They also have been joined frequently by Philly stalwards and frequent Dumhi collaborators, Reef the Lost Cauze and Ethel Cee. The live "experiment" has thus far been very successful winning Dumhi many new fans.

The crew now is ready to branch out and take their sound to a new audience.

Please check the video section of this EPK for clips of Dumhi with Side Effect, Ethel Cee, Reef the Lost Cauze, Jake Lefco and more.


2011 The Whole World's Watching
2010 The Jungle
2009 Flowers
2008 Yoga at Home

All streaming via http://dumhi.bandcamp.com/

Set List

Haj uses a combination of the APC40, Ableton Live software and Serato to recreate the beats from his various album projects. Eric Marco, and Jason, sax, guitar and bass respectively, replace many components of the album version of the beats to create a very different styled Dj performance.

Side Effect acts as host and main emcee.

An example of a recent set:

Walk the Streets/ Intro -Side Effect
The Demo -Side Effect
Double Your Money -Side Effect
News and Entertainment- Instrumental
Shade- Ethel Cee
Make a Move- Ethel Cee
Yao Ming- Instrumental
Lions -Reef the Lost Cauze
Thought Control -Reef the Lost Cauze
Alive aka Want to Be -Side Effect