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"Metal Lives"

As the band DUMMO played at the Marion Street Cafe last night, the smaller-than-some venue was not nearly large enough to hold the spirit and sound of a relentless live performance by a larger-than life group of very talented musicians. The 'in your face' performance (They played not ON the stage, but IN the crowd) only further electrified the crowd as the heavy metal guitar riffs mixed with a surprisingly elegant 'string ensemble' sound spilled from the building into the streets, where fans and passers-by as well had gathered to experience one of the most well-performed shows I've ever seen.

The voice that resonated from Brian 'pipes' Collins delivered a soulful sound unparalleled in indy music today. Bassist Josh King and Guitarist Matt Conlee's sound mixed extremely well with Justin Shaw's crunching sound, and the trio rocked the house with their fan-friendly approach. Drummer Marc Zappia delivered an absolutely powerful performance, electrifying fans with a superb drum solo displaying his awesome skills.

In a world of 'Hollywood' created 'superstars', shining brightly in the media, but never really reaching our soul, these guys are definitely a breath of fresh air.
Professional sound, professional show, and very approachable, Dummo is without a doubt has the hottest Indy show going.
We'll be listening, guys.

'nuff sed
The Lone Redneck
- Lake City Journal


"Seasons in a Dry Age"
Released Sept. 23rd, 2006
AcidVictim Records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Dummo will make a good choice for your venue or event because they promote every show with flyers and free CDs. The guys build relationships with their audience by communicating with them from stage then hanging out after the show. Dummo's fan base is growing fast with every show drawing bigger crowds than the last. Please notice the calendar, many venues all over Florida schedule Dummo on a regular basis.

In Sept. of 2003, a new breed of progressive metal was born. Five guys got together to lay out their musical frustrations. These men wanted to write music that came straight from their heart and spoke only that which was inside. Being that these five were quite the eclectic group of human beings, their interests lied in different areas of life. Matt is fascinated with serial killers and time travel. Justin has similar interests and different ideas and philosophies which lead to hours of heated discussion. Combine these aspects with musicianship and you've got a couple of guys ready and willing to translate all the weird stuff in their heads into guitar riffs, piano lines, and nearly abstract lyrics. Toss Josh in the mix and you get a bit of a comical edge and incredible bass lines. You want power? Heart? Technique? Throw in a dash of Marc Zappia beating the s**t out of his drums. Ah, yes, the recipe is nearly complete, material has been written and now comes the hard part, finding a singer. They knew that they needed someone different. Someone who could manipulate melodies and belt out words without being the typical, melodramatic child still crying over a bad breakup. They needed Brian Collins. He has the range, he had the power, and he has the need to do something out of the ordinary. With no money or interest for props or costumes, the guys learned to let themselves go and allow the music that they wrote to flow freely from themselves, causing sparatic body movements, nonstop headbanging, and strange facial expressions. This, in turn, lead to a release of any inhibitions that any of them might have had when it came to dealing with an audience. No one was safe. People walking by the bar they were in had to stop and watch, whether they liked the music or not. In Sept. of 2006, they were finally ready to cut an album. Being that they were all fans of music with a deeper meaning, they decided to give the album a concept, something extra for the listener to pick up on. With songs about forged exsistence, time travel, mental splits, overwhelming emotional conflict, world destruction, zombies, regret and the oflactory sense, they were able to construct a story of emmense magnitude. They called this album "Seasons in a Dry Age". With the album in hand along with t-shirts, stickers, and an incredible devotion to their craft, the band quit their day jobs and moved into a forty foot bus, touring all over Florida and trying to make enough money to get to the next show.