Duncan Davies

Duncan Davies


All of Duncan Davies' music is written and arranged by Duncan himself, employing a variety of rythmic methods, crossing many genres. Strong pop elements are undeniably present in Duncan's music, however, rock, jazz, reggae, folk, and blues components are at the soul of all Duncan Davies compositions


Duncan grew up in Toronto, playing music from the age of three. Instruments of study include violin, piano, trumpet, guitar, bass, percussion, tuba, and french horn. Duncan has both classical and jazz training, but always preferred writing his own songs. Since age seven, Duncan has been composing and experimenting with a variety of genres, inspired by music from the rock era of the 60s and 70s, as well his exposure to 90s rock, jazz, and every other genre that has passed through his ears. Duncan played with three rock bands in the early part of the decade (Rocket Rouge, Milo de Meyer, and Kendal Brothers Fan Club).


Debut Album Forthcoming

Set List

approx. 1 hour.

1. Shindig
2. Go On
3. Ah Forsaken
4. Kingston
5. Black Sea
6. Wind
7. Mr. Morris
8. Sands of Time
9. The Discord Song
10. Doors
11. Rhino
12. Mexico
13. Prince
14. At the drop
15. A good place in your mind