Duncan May & the Resonators

Duncan May & the Resonators


Dynamic and original - Funky rock with soulful vocals with some occasional "jam" spread on top


Honeyville Music recording artist Duncan May and the Resonators play a raw, soulful energy driven Rock with funky Americana overtones. The eclectic yet somewhat "pop" music is hard to put in a box because it IS original and it IS something fresh. The new album has a blend of tempos, flavors and dynamics for folks who love quality music.
Duncan's lyrics are poetic but to the point, personal but universal in their emotion.
These charged vocals and exciting lyrics brings out the progressive side of this sometimes aggressive ("Swamp Rock"), sometimes mellow ("Polished Folk-Pop") music.
Duncan May has been "fronting" bands for over ten years on guitar and bass and has written hundreds of songs. Scott Hall has a masters degree in guitar and spent years with a Murfreesboro giant of a band called SIGNAL. He joined the band last year and his incredible talent has taken the music to new heights. Tony Richardson commands the low end with his signiture style and used to play with The Rainfellas before becoming a staple in the lineup. Curt Redding has amazed crowds on the drums for years with the likes of legendary Johnny Neel and Mile8 and has just recently joined the band to complete the sound.

The live shows often step outside the box to explore the freshness of reggae, jazz and the occasional heavy hitting, head spinning club closer. Tempting the sounds of several genres and communicating the undeniable passion and experience of living is what Duncan May and the Resonators is about.

"...Duncan May has just enough twang to get some folks calling him Americana, but his bread and butter is blues-influeced funk rock that should get any Widespread Panic fan doing the hippie wiggle." - Nashville Scene
August 26th, 2007
“Recently called an "Americana Rocker" in reviews, the unique style that Duncan and the band play is raw, soulful energy driven Americana Rock with funky pop overtones. The emotionally charged vocals and exciting lyrics brings out the progressive side of this sometimes aggressive ("Swamp Rock"), sometimes mellow (“Polished Folk-Pop”) music.” – Nashville Rage, 2007

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2007 - Tomato Rescue
2006 - Push & Pull
2005 - This Day Coming
2001 - Intermission on the Highway
2000 - Arugala

Set List

We play original music 89% of the time, our set list incorporates music from the last ten years of writing, including material written yesterday! Sometimes we find it necessary to play covers in certain environments, when we do, they include songs from artists like The Rolling Stone, Goverment Mule, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty and Phish