Duncan Thomas

Duncan Thomas


Duncan Thomas was born and raised on Cape Breton Island. Being hammered between the highlands and salt water, an eclectic mix of celtic, country, folk and rock has emerged. Whether performing solo or backed by a band, his solid songwriting and intense stage presence remains a constant.

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Best of Both Worlds

Written By: Duncan Thomas

When the bow breaks and the best of both worlds
Come crashing down and take my feet from under me
It's too short a season to be playing games with girls
I've anted up and put myself in jeopardy


I was lost out in the storm with no compass to take me home
Well I was another ship lost at sea.
Well I guess I found my way, we're living for another day
The winds gonna blow anyway and push me blindly

Poor boys are pawns, like ducks lined up in a row
Her targets locked and she is on a shooting spree
She blew out the candle before there was a spark
I'm in the dark and peeling like a tangerine

Chours x 2

The Ballad of Whiskey Jack

Written By: Jason Lahey/Duncan Thmoas

Whiskey Jack fighted for the land
A gun on his back and a bottle in his hand
She don't want no fighting man
Day and day Mary kneeled and prayed
Don't take his life, scars they only heal
But they never go away


You, you got me all wrong so take your things and run

Tired of sitting alone at home for bad news to come
As months turned into years
She left a letter signed in tears
Mary run through the back door, to the rocky shore
There she took her life
On the blade of ol' jacks knife


Day went on and the war was won
Jack came home to find sweet Mary gone
Cried the whole night long
Couldn't joke, couldn't eat or smoke
In the early morning, put a gun up to his head
His finally words were said.


Well I, I had you all wrong
Let the cold ground have my soul

Burn it Down

Written By: Duncan Thomas

Well he gets up at dawn, the early early morning
This man gets up and shakes his head
He forgets what he saw, he forgot what he did
Can't remember the terrible things that he said

Well it comes all at once and leaves all in an instant
This feeling of guilt and resolve
Oh he can't take it back, he can't change his position
Before all of this he was better off

Pre chours:

I ain't got no education but I know a thing or two
Thinking you can take this boy
Your nothing but a god damn fool
I've seen it kill so many men you know it's got a grip on you
Turn and leave your dead tommorow
Lost and loose, I'll tell you what to do


Burn it down, don't leave it standing
Push those flames a little higher
Feel the heat and stomp the ashes
Warm yourself baby, get close to the fire

His boots are tied in knots, before they hit the floor boards
His face is washed but unclean
Well he gets in his car, he don't know where he's going
His mind is rewinding, replaying each scene

And if you come to town, looking for forgivness
From strangers that don't know your name
You better tell them a lie, then you won't have to worry
Your body can't handle the stress and the strain

Pre chours


Closer to the fire, closer to the fire
Push those flames just a little higher
Closer to the fire, get close to the fire
Push those flames just a little higher
Closer to the fire, closer to the fire, closer to the fire
Closer to the fire