Duncan Walters

Duncan Walters


Critically acclaimed songwriter Duncan Walters writes and performs music drenched in life’s charming peccadilloes. Great vocals, beautiful lyrics and catchy melodies; this music has everything needed to fit any Acoustic – Americana musical festival or venue.


Having been a performing musician since he was seventeen, in September of 2002 Duncan Walters decided to focus on his style of American roots music a little bit more seriously. His goal, initially was to set out to make a recording of a few original songs. Well somehow that turned into an amazing debut album that was widely acclaimed and played and still played might we add, on radio stations around the globe.

Honored, though not in total agreement, he is frequently compared by music critics to such immortal greats as Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, George Jones and others, Walters takes the comments in stride and keeps writing from the heart. Drawing from the experiences of life that he observes with a keen wit and voracious soul. He strives to match melody, lyrics and emotion in his songwriting and hopes that the culmination takes on a life of its own. We hope that you will agree, that Duncan Walters is deserving of the 5 star attention that he has received and welcome him to share with your audiences his art and talents.


Dancers On The Heart

Written By: Duncan Walters

Dancers on the Heart

Verse 1
Just sand, heat and desert sun surround a woman who heart was one,
To the man that held her waist deep in the waves
As rare as water on the cactus flowers, her lips would soothe his mind for hours
And take his heart on a ride on the wind
The lake fought back the blazing heat, but could not cool sweet passion’s feet
And there they stayed at the dance for several years
Then one day as the sun went down, the call came in for leaving town
The voice unknown, but it could not be denied
But there she was, a dancer on his heart

Verse 2
In another town, in the same old bar, confused about just where you are
Pained by the girl you left behind.
Self-mockery and penance paid, your sins against your worth are weighed
It’s all the same: lost the loved and loved the loss
She is like the Holy Ghost, you can’t see her but you feel her close
At every turn and on every face in a crowd
With every lover, the last one holds a piece of him that won’t grow old
And it sings, and it sings so damn loud. That she was a dancer on his heart

Bridge -
And the years go by and you’re wondering where, you’re wondering where she is

Verse 3
There are a hundred floating ribbons out on the languid breeze
On the cool dark edge of your missing memories
Her color’s never faded, I think they’re still so here and now
They’re the summers rain to cool your torrid brow
Well the memories never run, never seem to rescind
They just float there about on the gentle wind
In the gentle peace, that you hope that they’ve all found
Can’t bear to see any ribbons on the ground.
For the many dancers on the heart.

© Duncan Walters
Copyright 2003

Blind Lullaby

Written By: Duncan Walters

Blind Lullaby

Verse 1
It rears out amongst the light
Itself to be the path
As sunlight over takes a crest
A still and silent wrath

Blind Lullaby, Oh My Blind Lullaby
The sweetness of desire in the dark of the fire

Verse 2
Aroused never by the purest light
Circumventing its demise
The nemesis gift, the surrogate fire
Repugns its own advice

Verse 3
But mured by glass this goddess gift
To welcome in the light
Becalms its self-effacing sword
And stills the hellish night

© Duncan Walters
Copyright 2002

Guardian of the Sky

Written By: Duncan Walters

Verse 1
In this life, there are things you cannot measure
Like a child being such a treasure,
true love being so divine
You walk that line thinking you have been so clever
Thinking it will last forever
And then it’s gone and you don’t know why

Up on the hill a whippoorwill sings a sad song,
I think she always will
She flies down to ask me why
Thinks I’m the dang guardian of the sky

Verse 2
In your mourning you can’t help but ask the question,
How in the world did this thing happen?
Who in the hell is there to blame?
Well if that helps well to make your life much better
You can go and ask whatever
Just to chase away the pain


Instrumental Verse Structure

Verse 3
In this life, there are things you cannot measure
Like a child being such a treasure, true love being so divine
If you’ve chanced to be blessed with such a treasure,
The time you spend will help measure you as the guardian of the sky


Instrumental Chorus Structure to end

Copyright 2005 Duncan Walters ASCAP Spent Round Publishing


Debut Album in 2004 "Northern Rain"

* 5 Tracks in the top 100 on the European CMA Charts

** The Title Track reached #4 just behind Merle Haggard at #3

*** Moral Fiber #1 In the Scandanavian Radio Market

***** Americana #1 In Ireland

****** Northern Rain was in the top 30 for the Americana / Roots Country Radio Stations here in the USA. It remained on the charts for 30 weeks. It still receives regular airplay

Set List

Original material is the focus of the performance, but classic acoustic and traditional country music is welcomed material for the band’s own entertainment. Original material can fill one single hour and a half performance or three 45 minute set performances interspersed with selected ageless songs of deserved notoriety.

We will be delighted to adapt to the requirements of the venue. Though we would prefer not to play any slot shorter than 30 to 45 minutes.

Thank you.