Duncan Wilder Johnson / Destruct-a-thon

Duncan Wilder Johnson / Destruct-a-thon


Duncan Wilder Johnson is a writer, performer, musician, and workaholic. He often performs solo as his own "punk rock one-man show" of hilarious monologues, or "Heavy Metal Spoken Word". When not solo, he plays with Destruct-a-thon: a 5-piece thrash/stoner/metalcore band.


“...the bastard son of Boston’s scalding punk and hardcore underground... Johnson slams frat guys, poser rock bands, MySpace, reality TV, the pomposity of British metal and everything in between.”
-Dave Wedge, The Boston Herald

"Duncan's high energy performances would make a great addition to any college campus' event roster."
-Will Ulwick, Student Activities, St. Michael's College, Colchester, VT

"Johnson is able to capture the essence of heavy metal as teenage rock lust -- fast, furious, godlike, goofy, evil, and ultimately harmless.”
-Carly Carioli (The Boston Phoenix)

"... his frantic, lunatic, old-time punk personality was filled with acidic vitality and caustic enthusiasm. These were performance pieces, not poems. Duncan delivered his work with dynamic body language and vehement rage that most front men should take note of."
-The Northeast Performer

"Think spoken word has to be about sensitivity and women's issues? Think again, Duncan Wilder Johnson is a spoken word artist and he's pretty metal."
-San Francisco Weekly

Duncan Wilder Johnson is a workaholic.

Destruct-a-thon was a band that Duncan fronted from 2001-2004. They reformed in 2006. Inspired by Slayer, Black Flag, and Kyuss, the quartet was hailed as having one of the best live shows in the Northeast and opened for acts including The Dillinger Escape Plan, The Bronx, Tree, Seemless, and Cracktorch.

When Destruct-a-thon disbanded, Duncan and drummer Eman Pacheco formed a two-piece project called "Kill It All Away" which picked up where Destruct-a-thon left off. This time the music is even heavier! The new EP features crazed time changes, huge riffs, and some of the best vocalists in New England metal – Jet from Sam Black Church, Jonah from Only Living Witness / Raw Radar War, Keith Smith from C60 / Anarchy Club, and Chico from Closed Casket.

Meanwhile, Duncan has turned loud rock fans onto his speaking performances. He has played the Boston Freedom Rally (audience of 60,000 people), performed with Jim Carroll (author of The Basketball Diaries), Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys), Marky Ramone (The Ramones), Lydia Lunch, Angelo Moore (Fishbone), Overcast, Sam Black Church, and Scissorfight. Presenting spoken word performances is a daunting endeavor; few can stomach the anxiety of being alone onstage in front of an often-unenthusiastic group of club goers. Armed with brutal honesty, Duncan has been critiquing and dissecting rock culture since 1995 with an infectious energy that blends the sensibilities of Bill Hicks and Headbanger's Ball.


On December 6, 2004 Duncan and his father, Stephen C. Johnson suffered a terrible construction accident. The two men fell 25 ft. when a support poll snapped in half on some scaffolding. Stephen broke his left leg in three places and fractured his sternum. Duncan broke his right wrist and suffered 4 hairline fractures of his pelvis and one hairline fracture of his sacrum. "When you almost die, all you want to do is live," Duncan said recently.

Since the accident, Duncan has released a 3 Disc Box set of music and stand-up spoken word titled “Workaholica”. He is currently working on a book of collected material and new music with both Destruct-a-thon and Kill It All Away.


He has released 6 CDs to date:

1. On Tour Without A Band – full length compliation of Spoken Word (1998, 1-900-EAT-Redbackack), with Rich Mackin, Clay Fernald, and Tony Flacket

2. Heavy Metal Spoken Word – full length solo Spoken Word (2000, Wonderdrug / Redbackpack),

3. DWJ/Destruct-a-thon – split CD, a.k.a. The Orange CD (2001, Wonderdrug / Redbackpack).

4. Destruct-a-thon "Es Muerto" full length – Disc #1 on Duncan’s “Workaholica” 3 CD Box set.

5. THE KILL IT ALL AWAY EP (a two piece project with Eman Pacheco) – Disc #2 on Duncan’s “Workaholica” 3 CD Box set.

6. DUNCAN WILDER JOHNSON HAS A SHORT-GUY COMPLEX: SPOKEN WORD NUMBER 4 – Disc #3 on Duncan’s “Workaholica” 3 CD Box set.

Destruct-a-thon is currently getting airplay in The New England Area on college radio stations and local/metal shows.

Set List

Duncan Wilder Johnson (solo, speaking and reading), 30 minutes:
I’d Really Like to Date You, But… (Humorous Rant)
Pave Paradise and Put Up A Parking Lot (Humorous Rant)
Heavy Metal Part II (Humorous Monologue about the band SLAYER)
June 6, 2006 (another Humorous Monologue about the band SLAYER)
Nice Guy Complex (Humorous Monologue about dating)

DESTRUCT-A-THON (full band), 30 minutes:
No Diet / All Insomnia (original)
Rick-ah (original)
Bring The Knife (original)
Michele 1 (original)
Slayden (original)
Not In Our Name (original)
Receive The Loss (original)
Night Goat (Melvins Cover)