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Dune Train

Sarasota, Florida, United States | SELF

Sarasota, Florida, United States | SELF
Band Rock Blues


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Dune Train"

Band Profile - Ticket Sarasota

"Fubar Rides The Dune Train"

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"Dune Train at Growler's"

Once again, North Trail’s craft beer pub Growlers plays host to one of SRQ’s rockin’ avante-garde rock bands, Dune Train. DT’s lead singer/guitarist Chris Flannagan strums gritty rock guitar and belts roaring vocals on crowd favorite tunes like “Walk Away” while drummer Adam Doughty strikes up percussion beats with raging emotion. - Ticket Sarasota

"Dune Train"

This funky rock-infused jam band that started as a side project has now become a serious musical endeavor. Lead singer and guitarist Chris Flannagan, deriving his vocal inspiration from such greats as Robert Palmer and Kurt Cobain, has contributed his songwriting skills to DUne Train's rapidly growing arsenal of original material. The band as gotten focused in recent months, ready to take on any crowd in any venue at any time. Their determination shows, as they've been making some serious noise around the local venue circuit in recent weeks. - Creative Loafing


Dune Train's first, 6-track EP, GRIT, will be released on April 8th, 2012 when they open for the Reveren Peyton's Big Damn Band at the Blue Owl in Sarasota, FL.

Two tracks from that ablum are available, unmastered, to stream on our EPK.



Dune Train started from scratch. Chris Flannagan, fresh out of grad school, landed a job in Sarasota, FL. Finally planting his feet somewhere long enough to pursue a musical project, he jumped on craigslist and dusted off his guitar. The plan was to find a drummer who wants to jam. He was just looking for the release. Fortunately, the first respondent was Adam Doughty who had also put his musical interests to the side but was ready to bust them out again. Chris and Adam hit it off quick, the jams quickly turned into little songs. Neither could deny there was something there, an original sound that needed to be nurtured. They thought needed a bassist.

Now begins the true adventure. Dune Train’s first bass play was a gentleman named Earl. Earl was freshly out of prison, still had an ankle bracelet and looking to play some bass. The very first practice they played one of Chris’s originals called “Two People.” When Chris felt the full sound of this song he was elated. He asked Earl to stick around and play with the band and Earl agreed. After 6 or 7 practices, Earl decided the band wasn’t for him. His musical interests weren’t aligning with the direction the band was heading.

Up next was a fella named Darren, he stuck around for two practices but then got a job and had to quit.

Dick was the third respondent. Dick Hutch. Dick become a member and stuck around long enough to help the band start gigging. He was very new to music and playing instruments but was a natural. He helped form a lot of the core songs that Dune Train still plays today. Dick left when we brought on a fourth band member to play guitar. Dick said he felt he was holding the band back. While no one agrees with that sentiment, we are happy Dick found a band he felt more comfortable with called Artie Bucco.

That fourth member we brought in was Joe Vitek. Joe happily switched over to the bass after Dick left and that’s how the Dune Train we know today came to be. Joe brought years of professional experience to the band. He helped the guys shape and form their songs into tighter packages. His solid and sassy bass chops push the musical experience to the next level.

All that was thrown away though. Chris and Adam decided they needed to start over and do it without a bass player. They wrote new songs from scratch, Chris lost a bunch of weight and began searching his Alabama roots for blues inspiration. A new guitar was bought trading in the humbuckers for p90s. The new Dune Train has received incredible reception from the SW Florida music scene and has moved forward at a pace undeniable quicker than the three piece ever came close to experiencing.