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Dungeon Masta - Project Oblivion
Morbid Society - Hell Has A Face v. 1
Popa Wu - Visions Of The 10th Chamber
South Wild Island Hustlers - self titled
Mic Professor - Living Large
Buddha Monk - Zu Chronicals
Buddha Monk - Like Father Like Son
Buddha Monk - Prophecy Reloaded
Zu Manchuz
Lost Secrets
Preacher Man - Tell Me What You Want



With an industry rapid turning into a krunk & southern atmopshere, there is still a glimmer of light for the hip hop industry. This bright gleam comes from the mastermind of an artist with clought for the past 18 years. He has brought forth the next level to his genre by creating a new "family" into the world, Morbid Society. Morbid Soicety is a coallation of artists and producers around the world, joined with the goal of bring in new faces, sounds and insite to take hip hop back to it's former glory. Who is this soul with a cause? He is non other than Dungeon Masta from the 10th Chamber of The Infamous Wu-Tang Clan.

Dungeon Masta is a rarity in this day and age, due to the fact that he can rhyme as well as create his own music. Not only is he determined and persistent, but is very creative and has the talent to recognize abilities in others as well as himself. Having the sensitivity to approach a song by ear has given him a unique point of view into the Industry.

Having the privalige to work with several artist over the years, in the studio, on video sets, performances and in rap battles, such as Special Ed, Positive K, Public Enemy, O.D.B.(Dirt McGirt), Popa Wu, Professor X (X-Clan), Lounge Lo, Buddha Monk, Rakim, Peedi Crack, Kid Capri, and other various artist has made him a humble and apreciative person when it comes to his art.

Being born in the rough streets of Brooklyn, NY he has learned to use his trials and tribulations to guide him. Having worked thus, for his love of music has given him the skills and training to survive. Putting to use his multiple talents has lead him to be one of the originators of a group from Upstate NY called Da Kindred aka Morbid Legacy, plus a group out of Atlantic City, NJ named L.T.Z. (Loonie Tunz) that has branched out into other various groups, along with his his newests project Morbid Society, Cemetary Row, & Dirty Clansmen.

His versatility has a unique position in this Industry, he is a member of da group United kingdom headed by Popa Wu learning from his guidance he was able to come with a style that he would rather call gothic, he was forced to create a new chamber in the Wu-Tang Dynasty called Da Forbidden Chamber. This Chamber which was brought forth from the 10th Chamber (Freedom or Death) is one of the deadliest forms of hip hop to hit the streets.