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Brooklyn, New York, United States | INDIE
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09/17/06: Wuforever presents Dungeon Masta
Last Updated on Sunday, 17 September 2006 00:00
Written by windwalker
Sunday, 17 September 2006 00:00

Interviews - Wuforever.com Conducted Interviews

Why did it take you so long to release your album?

I was signed but the deal kept falling through. There wasn't like one reason or a person that held me back. So it's probably like all things in due time.

How were you introduced into hip-hop world?

It started with me listening to the radio. It started off with Doug E. Fresh & progressed. It was a natural interest.

Some might consider you to be a Wu-Tang Killa bee due to your association with Buddha Monk: what's your view on this and do you represent Wu?

I represent Wu all the time. My affiliation is mostly with ODB, Buddha Monk & Popa Wu. Dirty brought me to the table first, ya know what I mean? And as time went on, ODB’s mother, Cherry Jones, pointed me in Popa Wu’s direction. From there it’s been on since then, so yes I am a killa bee. As far as the Killa Bee, I am always reppin the Wu. That W is a lifetime thing right there.

What albums did you listen to growing up? What do you listen to now?

I used to listen to Big Daddy Kane, old school, Rakim, Kool G Rap, Third Base and a whole lot of albums. If it was hip hop or rock I was a part of it. My whole thing is being universal. It allows me to manifest the things that come out of my mind now. As far as right now, I don’t listen to anyone. No one is saying anything right now. Nothing is appealing to me, ya know?

What can you tell us about ODB.. one interesting fact that we do not know yet?

Basically ya’ll know what you need to know. ODB is as normal as anyone else can be, it’s just that the media just put him out there as a psycho and everything else. He was a normal person, just out there doing what he did. He loved his kids, he loved his music, he loved his family. A lot of times he just loved to be left alone.

Who would you like to collabo with that you have never done a track with before in the rap game, dead or alive?

A lot of dudes. I would love to do a joint with Busta, Jim Jones. I’ve done a collabo with ODB, that’s going to be put out in the near future. Cats like Big, Pac, I would just love to do collabos with a lot of dudes. The expression of hip hop is not only a solo venture, it also is a crew adventure too, so my collabs could be with whomever. I’m nothing but a phone call away.

What is the meaning of your album title: "Project Oblivion"?

Project Oblivion is the beginning of the end of bullsh*t hip hop. Ya know? You got a lot of cats who like to glamorize the things they’ve done but no one is talking about the harder parts of life. Like, you could have someone talk about how they were getting money selling drugs and stuff, but that right there is what everyone and their momma is talking about. So why not talk about how it was with your selling. Something like talking about how your mom’s kicked your out for your addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, money or whatever. You wanna glamorize the so-called hustle, but your not talking about the real story. Cats getting their a*s whooped everyday cause they only $1 short. Cats getting stuck up cause niggas is hatin for the simple fact that they’re on the next man’s block getting that bread and all of a sudden they not getting money no more, so either they’re gonna call the police on them, or get them set up for failure. Or how you got addicted to the drugs your selling so now your life is f*cked up. Or I’ll even go better than that, niggas dying over a piece of pussy because they haven’t learned to let go. That type of sh*t.

Can you talk a little about your upcoming album "Wishful Thinkin" ? What is the theme for it? Any release date? How will it be different from "Project Oblivion"?

Wishful Thinkin is an evolution. It basically gives my fans an opportunity to know more about me, my life story. It’s basically a growth of me. I want to be able to get more intune with myself. Lyrically and so-forth and so-on. I want to give the fans an opportunity to know that. So it’s gonna be a notch higher than Project Oblivion. It will be released around November 13th, the same day that Dirty died, which is also my birthday.

Any featured guests on your new album?

So far Yung Budd, that’s it for the moment. We’ll see what’s up as time goes on.

So after this new album is released, what is next on the menu for you? any collabos/solo projects, new album, videos, shows etc?

It’s going to be a whole lot of projects. Right now the only project I’m looking forward to is the Morbid Society project, which will be release before my album. I got a lot of people that contribute to that project so I wanna get the fans a chance to hear young new talent that haven’t got that burn yet. I’m giving them a chance to get their burn on. That right there is the first project for my label, it will be titled “Hell Has A Face”.

I see you have a profile on myspace. Myspace is a huge influence on underground hip-hop. Later this month myspace will add a feature that any track on artist's music page can be sold (artist pays myspace a small fee, but artist get to set the selling price for each song for sale). How do you feel about that? Do you feel that this will cause some major competition in hip-hop world? Do you feel huge growth of myspace is already causing some serious competition for artists?

Actually I don’t feel anything about it. If it’s an opportunity for cats to get their music and anything else out there then I’m all for it, that is if the music is hot. But then again you got a lot of cats that just put music up there and they need a lot of work with their sh*t before they even go there. The only advice I can give to them is practice bro. Besides that MySpace is the ultimate networking tool. I have bumped into people I haven’t talked to in years on there. I’m with anything that is going to help people evolve with their careers. Competition is always good.

Some people say that Wu has fallen off? What is your response to that?

Wu Tang will never fall off, for the simple fact that there is too many of us. Wu Tang is about to embark on the next level. That’s why you’ve got different generations of Wu. Wu Tang will never fall off. As long as they got Killa Bees like us swarming through the network, that’s neither here or there. Just because people don’t hear Wu on the main stream like how they used to, doesn’t mean a d*mn thing. You got so many cats in Wu that’s doing so many different things now, that it’s not all about the music. It’s about other things too. Music is only one of the chambers. Besides that, u’d be surprised about the things that Wu Tang is about to come out with, trust me. Wu Tang will never fall off & that’s word to the babies.

What do you get up to hobbies wise when not making music?

I sit back and plot about making more money, about how I can venture myself into other things. Basically like bettering myself production wise, lyrically or I just sit back and watch cable, get my drink on something terrible. Ya know, just keep to myself. For now that is, that’s about it.

Anything else you might want to add that we missed? last words or shoutouts?

Well to set the record straight for everybody that don’t know, I am a member of the United Kingdom. I’m also a part of the Brooklyn Zu. I produced 2 ventures on the Popa Wu album. Don’t sleep on Popa Wu, we got other projects in the mix, just to let everybody know. Shot out to Buddha Monk, doing his thing out in Switzerland. Look out for that Brooklyn Zu joint, da new album. Project Oblivion is still in stores, you can still cop that & it’s available on Amazon.com & Chambermusik.com. There will be a lot more collabos with me & G-Clef. Look out for that. Look out for one of the female artist I’ll be working with, Lyric Mami. Secret projects r gonna be off da meat rack & it’s always ODB for life, BKLY Zu 4-eva. And just to let you know the 10th Chamber (Freedom or Death) isn’t going no where. It’s not only a Chamber, it’s a movment pussies! With that, that will give u something to bump your head to. That’s the Chamber we rep outta the whol Wu Tang Dynasty. Shout out to my management company, Myjestik Entertainment, Ru be holding me down. Bzzzzzzzzzzz. Peace.

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He’s in the game since over 15 years. He got his solo album in stores since a couple of time and he worked with several artists like Public Enemy, ODB, Special Ed, Popa Wu or Buddha Monk. Since a short period of time he is more active and searches for new talents for his new project. The speech is of Dungeon Masta and it’s Morbid Society. We put us together with this Brooklynite to talk about him and his new Supergroup.




Hello and thanks for your time to do this interview with us. Over here in Europe most people don’t know you, although you still in the game since a small eternity. Therefore it would be an advantage if we begin briefly with some basics to introduce you to the readers.

You come from Brooklyn/NY and we knew that you come out the Zu Fam surrounding field. But you belong neither to Brooklyn Zu nor to the Manchuz. So please represent yourself and what’s your status in the Wu-Famtree?
I am part of the Brooklyn Zu family. United Kingdom is one of the groups I’m in, which is lead by Popa Wu. I’m also a solo artist out of the 10th Chamber & I rep that W. Manchuz are my family, Zu Ninjas is also my family and CCF Division.

Since when you already do music? Your solo album release was just one year ago although you are already in the game since over a decade. So how did you become an MC and what where your projects over these years?
I was doing underground joints in New Jersey with one of my groups, LTZ, doing projects with my Rud Room Family. Besides the fact of me going to jail every year I couldn’t really do what I wanted to do. Parole kept fucking me over, so it was like I never got the chance to do what I really wanted to do. I basically got a lot of shit sitting in the vault. It will be released when the time is right. To basically answer the question I became an MC from listening to all different types of music, it was something I came naturally after listen to artist like Doug E. Fresh, Suga Hill Gang, etc.

Although your long relationship to many Wu affiliates, there are only a few features on your album. There are rather more unknown acts on it. Why?
Because that’s what I want. Everyone is used to hearing stars on everyone elses shit, ya know what I’m saying? I’m from the underground where niggas is struggling to get their voices heard. If I have the opportunity to come out I might as well give other dudes the opportunity to shine at the same time. What is in the dark shall come to the light. That’s what I’m trying to put out. It’s not that I don’t want big names on my shit, you know what I’m saying, but u know, the grind is gonna be the grind. My hood niggas need to step in the door just as much as I do. It’s only right that I put out unknown acts on my stuff just to show that there is a lot of talent out there.

One of these few, which i was very pleased about, was I-Born. I didn’t hear any of his work from him since a long time. How is he doing and what is he doing today?
I-Born is doing his thing. He’s taking care of his family. He’s still on the grind with his music, so you’ll defiantly hear from him within a years time. That’s one of my UK brothers. Also look out for Laza Life too.

The new Project you called out a few weeks ago, is named Morbid Society. What’s the deal with it? Tell us more about it. I heard that everyone can be a member of it if he divides your opinions and/or sights.
Morbid Society is a part of a collective of MCs, producers, singers, B-boys, and graffiti writers. Morbid Society is here to bring the music back to where it’s suppose to be. It’s been an idea I’ve had for a very long time and I figured that now is the time for me to unleash the beast. Ya know. Anybody can be a member, ya know what I mean. I gotta check them out first & as long as your hot & have something to say it can be all good. You can be a part of the movement and rock the MS. You can still do your own thing, it’s not taking away from your business ventures. Morbid Society is about helping each other get where we need to get. To let you know, there will be a listing of all members who are a part of Morbid Society so far listed on the album. I will put the announcement out on MySpace & Chambermusik as well. Any producers or MCs who feel they want to be a part of Morbid Society can go to the MySpace page and holla.

How was the resonance up to now, are there already many announcements? And is there a deadline for this or will you see it as an increasing collective?
Morbid Society will be an increasing collective. We’re trying to go world wide with this bitch. I’m trying to create a society within a society, in that we’ll hold each other down. We do whatever the fuck we do with this music shit and more to where motherfuckers have no choice but to bow down and pay homage. I’m tired of listening to wack shit. I don’t fuck with trash. That is what the movement is about.

Are there also different Wu affiliates merged in this project or only the so called ‘No Names’, since you meant that the best ones will also participate in other projects?
There will be, but it’s a secret.

Is that a chance to become a Killa Bee or something like that?
I guess, it all depends on who you know. A lot of cats have come to the table but u know it basically all is about who you deal with within the ranks.

A few days ago you started something about your homie 60sec Assassin in your Myspace-blog. He finally works on his first solo album and people send him beats for that. What’s the deal about it? I mean you have ingenious producers around you. Are they too expensive or too busy?
That’s not the point. It’s not the producers who are around us. I wanted to give new talent a time to shine. So who’s better to let the new talent shine lyrically than 60 Second Assasin. 60 been came up with the idea of working on a solo album, I just asked if I could get the tracks for him. He said “Do what you gotta do”, so I was also thinking, wow ok, I’m gonna put the announcement out on myspace and the talent is out there. When the beats came I let 60 know about it. All I have to do now is get the tracks to him. We’re both going to go through the tracks. I know he has written a lot of shit because he has spit it to me himself. I’m not saying that big niggas can’t be a part of it neither, but cats gotta follow the same process as the other dudes. We would also like to thank the cats that did submit their tracks.

So what can we expect from you in the future? Are there any feature tracks or other projects you are involved in?
There will be. The first project will be Morbid Society. The second project will be Wishful Thinking which is my solo album. I also helping 60 with his project & I’m going to work on an all female project in the next 3-4 months. Maybe sooner than that. Plus whatever I get into with my peoples that I see along the way. Shout outs to everybody who we will be doing a collabos with soon, Look out for the upcoming albums on Chambermusik. Project Oblivion is still available on Chambermusik as well as Amazon.com so cop that. You can reach me at www.myspace.com/dadungeonmasta and www.myspace.com/damorbidsociety, or my manager at www.myspace.com/myjestikent. Feel free to submit any music to sohlopro@aol.comDiese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spam-Bots geschützt, du musst Javascript aktivieren, damit du sie sehen kannst , make sure the subject title is Submission. Shout out to Popa Wu, Buddha Monk, my Brooklyn Zu Family, CCF Divison, my Rud Room Click, of course Morbid Society, the 10th Chamber, the whole Wu Tang Family, and Myjestik Entertainment (my right hand bitch). You will be hearing a LOT more from your boy.

Do you wanna give some knowledge or something else to our readers at last.
The only thing I can say is that you can’t explain anything simple to a stupid motherfucker, so here’s a jewel for you… the only way you’ll be able to do what u gotta do in life is 2 simple things. Listen & pay attention to detail. That’s what we were taught when we were born. For example, when we first learn how to walk across the street, our parents would say “Listen and pay attention to what I’m saying. You can’t cross the street till the light turns this color.” So what u did? You listened and paid attention. For some, they went out there anyway without thinking and caught repercussions. That goes for anybody including myself. I know I’m not perfect, but those are the things we must go through. Basically all I’m saying is this, Life is gonna come at you 3 ways. It’s gonna hit u like a feather, a 2 by 4 or a mack truck. It’s all in how it comes and how you handle it. For some people, they just might need a train. So I hope y’all enjoyed this interview and can get something out of it. I would like to thank MagicFingaz for giving me his time. Whatever you need, I got you.

Thanks one more time for doing the interview and all the best for the future.


Thanx @ Chambermusik for the Photos!



It's been two years since we talked with Dungeon Masta the last time. A lot of things happened or not happened. He formed a new group, he released a new solo album and he is still working on several projects. But the long awaited 'Morbid Society 2' album is still stashed. A lot of things that wants to get cleared , but we talked about everything and also the Future Chamber situation. So show some respect for one of Brooklyn's finest.




Nice that you called me again to talk with you about your new album and your sideprojects. Much happened during the last year. You also signed at Future Chamber and you started some projects. So don’t waste time and let us start immediately.

You announced a new album, so what’s the name of it and when it will be released?
Yeah I did, now that is out for da people. Da name of it is called “wishful thinking”. It has been released on www.chambermusik.com

What can we expect from it? Will there be also some artists from the Brooklyn Zu surrounding again?
As always my family got my back just like I got theirs. Check da track list it’s hard, plus I got new talent on it too

On the last album you do the most of the beats by yourself. How does you handle that this time and can you tell us about how you start your productions and which equipement do you prefer?
Yeah da last album ( project oblivion ) is my baby. Since then I went thru legal problems. So da equipment had to go. So I could bail out and I still got violated by da powers that be. This time I handles tracks differently, cause now I’m on artist mode. There is a lot of hot talented producers out there, so you know I have to make sure they get their just due too. I started my productions in '92 when I was in atlantic city with my peoples ( L.T.Z ). When I came back to Brooklyn and got back with dirty, I really started taking it to a another level with my craft entering portals and shit.

Buddha Monk produced some stuff and had a featurepart on your last one. You where in countermove to this on some of his cd’s. Will there come more? I find that the chemistry is right.
No doubt, thankz Buddha Monk. Do da dam thing in everything he do of course that will be more collabs. That’s my brotha. I’m there when he holla and vica versa.

You got your label (Sohlo Pro Records), you been down with Myjestik Ent. and you also signed to Popa Wu/Future Chamber now. Can you please declare how this all functions or rather which label belongs to which tasks for you.
To get it broken down, Myjestik Ent. is my management it has been for 9 years. Sohlo-pro records is my label and we have a couple of artist coming out real soon. Sohlo pro has joined forces with Myjestik Ent. now to bring forth some shit.
I’m not signed to Popa Wu / Future Chamber we all signed to da vision for da tenth chamber project. I’m with Popa Wu on everything he do with his label. What Future Chamber do, is what Future Chamber do.

Morbid Society 2 has to come out this summer, but your computer gets broke and so the release date was pushed back. Can you tell your fans, who just waiting for it, what happened and when can we expect it now?
I had problems with upgrading my system, but I didn’t lose any songs. Plus to many people sent me songs on da raven, so I had to pull da project till I get da right elements for dis project. Cause it is going in all da edgar allen poe museums and other venues. So this has to be done in a certain way. Da details is on my myspace page.

How does the Lineup looks like this time, you also appealed for the participation again? Does this mean that there will be new artists only or are some old artists also on it?
All I got to say is, that da line up is sick.

Is there actually, already a steady core with Morbid Society now or is that all in a flying change? If yes, can u list this guys for us that we become an overview?
Morbid Society is a strong fam, but to get an clear cut of da situation, peep da 'lost warriors' track on 'wishful thinking' and everybody I work with is part of Morbid Society.

Also you wanted that all the tracks on Morbid Society 2 has something to do with Edgar Allen Poe. That fits perfect, because he was it who established the horrorgenre. How does you get this idea and how was the resonance on this?
That was my managers Ruishella's idea and it fit with what we do. So we ran with it, so we shall see what pop off.

Besides the horrorgenre he also established the crime literature and the science fiction genre. Does that made no differenz what they rapped about, or should it be more the horror way?
Not at all. As long as they keep with da concept, I’m good with it.

Did you already read some of his books and are they an inspiration for your lyrics?
Yeah he has a lot of influence on what I do, but my lyrics come from da pain. Feel me?

Back to topic. The one who served the best track should become a record deal on your label. Is he already ascertained and what is his name?
Not yet fam, it’s an process,

Give us some more infos about your label generally. Since when does it exist, who’s on it an what can we expect from it?
Da label started when I put out 'project oblivion'. Why not be first on my label at da time? Thanks to G-Clef and Buddha Monk for that big time. One of da artist on my label is G-Tee Shotta. Look out for his album “ It's not a game”. It’s about to go down fam.

I heard he is on Protect Ya Neck Records and now a Dirty Clansmen as well. when u decided to bring him to your group. How can we imagine this situation between the labels?
G-Tee Shotta is one of da secret squirrelz of Dirty Clanzmen. We linked up a couple of months ago, just when i decided to start Dirty Clanzmen and he been down with PYN just as long as i been with da Wu and that's yearz. So it was natural that we come together with him. PYN is still good, cause it unites our family even more. Feel me?

Which is your part on Future Chamber and how did you connect with them?
My part with Future Chamber is very little. We did an project for da Popa Wu album that’s done now. I’m doing business for my label and artist that are with me including myself.

What can u say about this Future Chamber disaster?
Da Future Chamber thing is not a dsaster, it is about knowing your place. Man there was alot of dumb shit between Budd and DLAH to where it had got people involved with shit that don't need to be, but when people bring other people names into shit mine you these niggaz is not even on like that to even pull that shit off. The whole thing is this, when generals give orders and you don't comply. Guees what you get, your ass spanked.
Simple as that.
Me or any other general got no time for da dumb shit. Too much bread is involve, but don't get it twisted, we love to shut shit down. If da order was giving to leave shit alone, that is what you fucking do. No questions asked and until that shit is taking down from both partys. Da darts shall be throwed. They are babies and babies get there ass spanked, too easy.
Dirty Clanzmen don't give a shit about that situation. We here and hungry as fuck.

Babyface Fensta is on the same label (Myjestik Ent.) like you, is there any chance to hear some stuff together, or are you not so close to him? Since now there is no track from you at least.
Me and Fensta is mad close, like I said that my family. He is on da dam girl track with Buddha Monk , Q-Plex and myself and there will be more soon.

You wrote on your myspace site that you where also involved in other groups, like L.T.Z. (Loonie Tunz) and Da Kindred (aka Morbid Legacy). Which roles did you take up on them?
L.T.Z and Da Kindred I play a general role in both. I help form both clikz. L.T.Z is formed in Atlantic city and Da Kindred is formed in Brooklyn and both is still active. My partner Murda Man is now Gorrealah witch. Mr Hookz is still holding down Da Kindred.

You also said that you got more sideprojects besides Morbid Society. First there were Cementary Row and then the Dirty Clansmen. To judge by name these also come from the Horrorcore corner again, or? Please tell us something about this two projects.
Cementary Row is still in development. As for Dirty Clanzmen, we are working on da album. It will be called 'Da Radeemorz'. It’s an lyrical roller coaster waiting to happen. It will be released on Chambermusik soon.

Is there something available from this groups/projects that we can buy or rather hear, or may we be curious a little bit?
www.myspace.com/dirtyclanzmen or www.myspace.com/sohloprorecordz

How did u and Struxx Denali come together to form the Dirty Clanzmen?
Me and Struxx got together thru my manager Ruishella. She called me to come down to Maryland. So as soon as i got off da bus, she take me to Struxx's house and we just laid it down. He got peoples he helped get da 'Wishful Thinking' album together too.

Is the Morbid Society over now?
Morbid Society is not over, not by a long shot.

We talked shortly about your homie 60sec Assassin the last time. Can u tell us something new about him, because we already get no musical sign of life from him. The only thing I saw was some live perfomance snippets on youtube.
60 got projectz out da ass fam. He’s doing his thang. You will definitely hear from him soon!

A few weeks ago there was the 4th annual of ODB’s dead. Where there any concerts to honour him and don’t you have any interest to do a tribute song for him?
Well 'Da Winta' off da 'Wishful Thinking' album is one of da tribute songs I have done for Dirt. Plus he is da reason I formed Dirty Clanzmen. To keep his legacy going. Feel me?

Before the last Clan album was coming out, there where some differences between the Clansmen. Ghost insults RZA because he get less money and Rae said that the album is digusting. Y-Kim also mentioned negativity about RZA. OK Popa Wu tried to get it right in the last interview on Chambermusik, but… Can you tell us something about that or rather what is your sight on this?
Here it is. This is not da first or da last we are going to hear shit between a and b, c and d. This is my thing. What ever they go thru at end of da day, that's family and like family, of course there is going to be da bullshit from time to time. They will work it out

You got a black President in the United States now. What is your point of view on this? Are you political?
We got a black president finally. I just want to see how far will this go. It should be interesting.

How does the future look like for Dungeon Masta? What can we expect after your new album and Morbid Society 2?
Da future is, what Dungeon Masta make it. Which will be very hopeful and full promise for me and my peoples. Da next Morbid album will be ready by da spring, for da summer.

Like every last question, do you wanna say something special to our readers? Otherwise I wish you a lot of success for your other activities and up to next sometimes.
I like to thank da fans, cause with out yall there won’t be a Dungeon Masta. Check out my album “Wishful Thinking“. Cop it and support da movement. Get it on www.chambermusik.com. We still Brooklyn Zu here all day every day. Big up to my manager Ruishella for still holding me down. For booking hit me up on myspace or my management on myspace Myjestik Ent.
Peace to da god OLD DIRTY BASTARD we got you real talk. From da 10th Chamber ( freedom or death ) Popa Wu da zig zag zig Allah. Wu-Tang Clan ain't nothing to fuck with. Brookloyn Zu 4 ever. Peace to da god and earths and thanks to G-Clef and everybody @ Chambermusik and Wu-Famnactic. We love yall.
Shout out to world and thank you magicfingaz for letting me reach out to da fans.

Aight thanks



Popa wu " visions of the tenth chamber " (2000 ) production only
Buddha monk " prochecy reloaded " ( 2005 )
Buddha monk " like father like son " ( 2005 )
Dungeon masta " project oblivion " ( 2005 )
Buddha monk " unleash the fury " ( 2006 )
Da Manchuz " manchuz dynasty " ( 2007 )
Dungeon masta presents Morbid society
" hell has a face vol 1 " ( 2007 )
Buddha monk " king monk " ( 2008 )
Popa wu " visions of the tenth chamber pt2 "( 2008 )
Dungeon masta " wishful thinking " ( 2008 )
Dungeon masta presents da dirty clanzmen
" meet the family vol 1 " ( 2009 )
Holocaust and American poets 2099 " theater of pain " ( 2009 )
Solomon Childs '' Wu tang 4 life " ( 2010 )
Judah Priest '' valley of the kings " ( 2011)
blackmask '' gilutine rap '' ( 2012 )
krumbsnatcha '' resurrection of the golden wolf '' ( 2012 )
Dungeon masta presents Morbid society
'' hell has a face vol 2 '' ( 2012 )




It wont happen. What wont happen? Just know it will never happen. Never again will the Hip-Hop community be treated to a lyrical story telling genius thats interested more in entertaining, using well crafted, extremely creative, and super informative facts instead of aimlessly promoting negative and often false images that continue to be the killer of the most beloved genre of music for Generation Next, Hip-Hop. Sadly, it just will never happen again. Well luckily, for die-hard fans of both Hip-Hop culture and music the world over, Dungeon Masta is here, and to the displeasure of mediocre MCs worldwide, true lyrical skills are back to being a must, not an option. Born in New York Citys largest and deadliest borough, Brooklyn, served as the rearing site for a future MC who would later adopt the performance moniker of Dungeon Masta. Poised to bring the real back to rap music and I mean the realest, hardest, most in your face and thought-provoking lyrics to bless Hip-Hop since the legendary Wu-Tang Clan is the labor of love inherited by Dungeon Masta. A proud disciple of original Wu-Tang Clan General, the late great Ol Dirty Bastard is who majorly helped mold Dungeon Masta into the one of a kind rhyming wordsmith he is today.

As one of the family members of ODBs famed Brooklyn Zu, regiment Dungeon Masta has exchanged lyrical blows with many of the biggest names in Hip-Hop to include but not limited to O.D.B., Public Enemy, Rakim, Special Ed, Professor X (X Clan), Peedi Crack, Popa Wu, Buddha Monk and Kid Capri. Following in the long tradition of immensely popular as well as highly successful Brooklyn rappers such as Big Daddy Kane, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and Fabolous comes the Big Apples best hope of reclaiming Hip-Hops #1 spot since 50 Cent. The consummate entertainer Dungeon Masta is as awesome performing his signature high energy stage show, as he is writing nail biting raps and producing groundbreaking production. A veteran on the tour circuit and media sensation complements of countless videos on the internet has made the originator of Gothic, a new edgy style of music thats taking New York City and the entire East Coast by storm, the new it MC in rap musics multi-billion dollar a year industry.

The fearlessness that Dungeon Masta possesses in his pursuit of rap greatness takes a backseat only to his steadfast commitment to aid and mentor inner-city youth on the dos and donts of survival.
Never one to sit idle, Dungeon Masta, in addition to creating Gothic is set to launch Morbid Society, Cemetery Row, and Dirty Clanzmen, proving that Dungeon Masta was right for making himself the voice of the 10th Chamber, one of the next installments in the illustrious W history. So, for the lyrical master determined to honor his deceased mentor Ol Dirty Bastard through a celebration of solo hits and as a member of the all-star group United Kingdom headed by Wu-Tang mentor Popa Wu are the intangibles that have Dungeon Masta positioned to end the Statue of Libertys drought of Hip-Hop supremacy.

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