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"Da Image" street EP released January 2006

"Take It to the Floor" featured on DJ K-Swiv's best of Mixtape 2006

"Take It to the Floor" selected for Hot Sauce DVD "Killa Crossover vol II"

"Take It to the Floor" spinning on MLS internet radio
"Turn It Up" selected for Hot Sauce DVD "Killa Cross Over vol. II"

"Boo or Cheer" remix with Young Azzie set to release July 2007

Sampler "Da Booth iz My Escape" coming June 2007



The legacy begins 1985 Harlem, New York better known as the world of the hustler! Hallie Rouse comes into a world greeted by three brothers that would show him the ways of the streets and how to survive life, a strong single woman that would create a place called home for her sons. He grew quickly as he endured the battles between hustlers and police; the struggle between going to school and making quick money, he found himself drawn to the finer things, women, clothes and cars. By youthful age of 12, he had seen more of the streets then most people see through out life. His experience would put him in many situations and in many different states involving him in activities that would be considered unlawful by most but to this youngster it was deemed a necessity of survival. It was during these travels and long stays that he would gain his name. One night after several stops a rookie to the system and the trips began to ask Hallie question after question and about one hour later an old head, vet to the game said “he’s Dunn! Cause any thing you think of he’s DUNN! Any place you want to go he’s been there DUNN that!” The name would stick with him through out life!

Dunn’s family suspected his activities yet still attempted to keep him safe and out the vicious circle. Dunn would be pushed to school by family and many of the hustlers that the NYPD continued to sweep off the street. Dunn became an accomplished basket ball player but still found the love of money to be an obsession he couldn’t shake. Dunn found himself eyewitness too many of the police sweeping of hustler central 112th Street. During the continued police raids of his block Dunn found out that Harlem also fostered some of the musicians in the world and after years of walking past the old heads that were preaching to him in front of stores and subway station Dunn decided to listen. It was then that Dunn had an epiphany, realizing that life will always be a struggle and that cards dealt to you are not the cards you are stuck with. Dunn began a journey that would lead him to music and expression on a higher level. Dunn began to study, listen, write and finally explore his natural talent, the talent that kept him safe during his walk with faith.

As Dunn’s began to build a buzz for himself in Harlem, he searched out the people that had the same vision he had. This search would lead him to the infamous D.O.T.S. A group of hot young entertainers that were taking Harlem by storm in the D.O.T.S, Dunn found a brotherhood of talent that would help him to define his style. A style that is now recognized as one of the hottest in the market, in no time Dunn found himself being compared to entertainers like LL Cool J, Ice Cube and Ludacris! The comparison did not stop this young entertainer, still very humble and determined Dunn continued to work day and night to get better and stronger. He worked with producers like Ron Browz, Neek Rusherz and Young Azzie to make street hits that brought shows to a complete halt. His reputation would reflect the fact that he could turn any show into a video shoot, that no crowd was a hostile crowd and the he was a true performer in every since of the word on stage!

Today, Dunn has performed on the same stages hip hop notables Naughty by Nature and others; he has appeared on many of the top local hip-hop television and radio shows and has worked with many of today’s top producers. He continues to build his fan base, currently over 3,500 in New York alone, online with his appearances on my space, on mix tapes and in person performing his club banger “Take it 2 DA Floor” and hits like “Me & My B*tch”.

Be prepared for a sound you have never heard, music that makes you dance, makes you laugh and makes you cry! Dunn brings music back to the life for the east coast!

Dunn Da God is the new industry! The next top dog!

The Future!