Fucking Brutal American Horror Metal fueled by everything that pisses us off.


Our style is like no other you will hear.....Raw and straight to the point no holding back. Unique sounds set us apart from the rest. Dunwich is inspired by murderers, horror movies and real life terror.



self titled album

track 02-Meth Lab- has air play on Hard Attack....on Siriuis satellite radio

Set List

depending on time 7 to 15 songs maybe more if needed.

1 closed casket
2 diluted faith screen
3 ringworm
4 anti
5 afterbirth
6 labotomy
7 acid king
8 it's a wonderfull life
9 crucifiction
10 meth lab

cover songs

rock & roll nigger (patty smith)
refuse resist (sepultura)
fucking hostile (pantera)
folsom prison heavy version (johnny cash)
black label (lamb of god)
raining blood (slayer)