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Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | Established. Jan 01, 2004 | INDIE

Seoul, Seoul, South Korea | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2004
Duo Rock Electro




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  1. In March 2004/ debut album 'KAFKA'

     2. In October 2007/ second full-length album 'Nothingness' 

     3. In July 2010/ EP album 'The Most Beautiful Thing'
     4. In January 2013/ Digital single 'K.'

     5. October 2013/ third full-length album'The Human Psyche' 



K.AFKA formed in 2001. They named themselves K.AFKA after the author Franz Kafka. 
K.AFKA is the electro-trip-hop duo comprised of two members, Chaeyoung (composition, lyrics, guitar, synthesizer, vocal,producer) and Changyeol (composition, bass, synthesizer, sound design, guitar,producer). 

In 2004, the electro-trip-hop duo, K.AFKA, electrified their fans with their first dynamic experimental album.
As the first among male-female electronic duos, K.AFKA made a debut with the first album "Kafka," placing its own name "Kafka" for all to see. "Kafka," with its masterful mix of electronic/trip-hop and dream pop astounded both fans and critics and now.

Since then K.AFKA has released two highly praised albums, an EP and a digital single: their
 second full-length album,'Nothingness'(October 2007)/ their EP album, 'The Most Beautiful Thing'(July 2010): with this album, K.AFKA held solo concerts titled 'Come across the beautiful despair" at EBS Space(TV) on Aug 12 and 13. Besides, K.AFKA received two (best electronic album and best electronic song ) Korean Music Award nomination the next year : their first digital single 'K.'(January 2013) and their third full-length album 'The Human Psyche'(October 2013): with this album, once again ,they held solo concerts titled 'Aim at the Human Psyche' at EBS Space(TV) on February 10, 2014.

With their highly praised albums, K.AFKA has built a reputation as the most distinctive and an unequaled band in Korea.   

K.AFKA's music that embraces many kinds technique and emotion of 
Electronica and Rock based on Trip-hop is esthetic and cinematic. They create clear scene and world with their music, and make the people sink into the world. The world they create is esthetic, dreamlike, fascinating and grotesque.

Indeed, although defined as "electronic/trip-hop", K.AFKA's music is not readily categorized as it has a unique color of its own. It is, at once contemporary and industrial, yet saturated with an emotion of its own. The vocalist's clever voice control and enchanting lines alongside the eclectic effects of the guitarist and their collaborative programming engage us in an interplay that takes the listener to a climax. 
But most of all, their strongest point lies in that, albeit experimental, K.AFKA has never once fallen into the trap of being stamped with the "Experimental Music Only" tag. This band takes the abstract and the ideal and sensitively melds the two to create not only a unique sound but also beautiful melodies that exude lyricism; the effect is powerful and the classification of "experimental" is once shed and what remains are songs that by nature move us to the core. Of course, one must also note that, on top of all this, K.AFKA's music also incorporates the decadent melancholy characteristic of trip-hop.

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