Duo En

Duo En


Soothing. Uplifting. Exotic yet so warm. Japanese music...with an original touch. Everything from meditative Japanese to Simon and Garfunkel, with some original works and jazz arrangements. Yes, sushi and chocolate cake are BOTH delicious!


EN is a duo bound to Japan, music, and each other, and specializes in sharing contemporary and classical music from Japan. EN's philosophy is to connect - to their audience, the environment, and the moment. Based in Seattle, En plays throughout the Pacific Northwest, and has toured throughout the US and Japan. Their music has been used in television, CD compilations ("Seattle Presents," GOA's upcoming "CHILLOUT" series), and for film and games.

John and Elizabeth met when they began studying Japanese in 1974. They fell in love with each other, then fell in love with Japan. Since then they have lived in Japan for over a decade, studying Japanese music from master teachers including Sakata Ryozan, Sawai Kazue, Sawai Tadao, and Igarashi Ryozan. Their love for Japanese music and culture comes alive in their warm, intimate, inspired performances. John's shakuhachi flute and Elizabeth's koto create an elegant and meditative mood.

En plays at casual and formal venues. Performances include Festivals, corporate events, weddings, art openings, educational settings, gardens, and collaborations with other artists. Duo En's music has also been used in television and film.


Hear all our music at www.duoen.com!
"If you've never listened to Japanese music...listen to this. If you've listened to a lot of Japanese music...listen to this."
"...pine tress and twinkling stars and the breeze stirring the floating leaves."
"A fresh and unusual holiday album rich with quiet beauty."

Set List

Classical Japanese:
Chidori no Kyoku
Rokudan no Shirabe
Fuyu no Kyoku
Haru no Kyoku

Jazz Arrangements:
Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Moon River
Danza Lucumi

Traditional Arrangements:
Scarborough Fair
Silent Night
Sukiyaki Song
Sakura, Sakura
Moon Over Castle Ruins
Ballad of Nara Mountain
Japanese lullabies
Amazing Grace/Swing Low
White Christmas
Je Crois Encore Entendre

Original works:
Moonlit Garden
Floating Leaves
Ancient Pine
Snow Dream
Nightingale's Return
Whispering Trees
Silver River
Lost Lake Reflections

Contemporary Japanese classical:
Spring Sea
Song of Silk
Song of the Wind
Haru no Gotoku
and numerous other works by contemporary Japanese composers.