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"Duo Fain Mantega"

The flautist Paulina Fain is a completelly broad musician who knows Tango music. Together with the pianist Exequiel Mantega, they have launched a new CD.

They gave up constant tempo´s and used personal arrangements that bewitch the listener with a variety of musical resourses. The arrangements make good use of that stylistic variety beyond tango. These are new artisitc creations with high musical demand, a pleasure!

...The conection of the songs “Spain” and “Nonino” by C. Corea/ A.Piazzolla is also remarkable. “Spain” appears as a long introduction, then there is a middle part, almost improvised and really playful. The following interpretation of “Nonino” has, except for the melodic part, few things in common with Piazzolla´s known version.

Impressive and expressively arranged and played. The best I have heard in a long time!

- Whilhem Gromes (Tango Danza - Germany)

"Duo Fain Mantega"

Two duets transformed the beautiful Julián Centeya into a catapult of daring sounds, particularly one: the Fain-Mantega duet. Their symbiosis produces a rarity that today’s tango lovers happily accept, tolerate, and allow.

The original musical arrangements, very original, of some classic tangos by Astor Piazzolla, and the style of their own songs, almost unique, make the couple the center of collective attention: at least of the attention of the 200 people present at the Centeya.

- Pagina 12 (Argentina)


"+ TANGO" (2006)
"Secretos en Reunion" (2008) EPSA Music.-



Paulina Fain on flutes and Exequiel Mantega on piano formed the Duo Fain-Mantega on 2004. In their repertoire they use the routes of Argentinian Folk and Tango music, developing a new and particular point of view, with a whole panorama with their own compostions and making a re-view of the Astor Piazzolla Music. Their music has a particular and original sound, with an intimate character, that sometimes changes, and shows it self full of virtuosity. The Duo has produced their first CD called “+ TANGO”, that had excellent critics by the press and public. The material is distributed in Argentina by South Unity Records and in Germany and Austria by Galileo Music Communication. The Duo has recently produced their Second CD, called “Secretos en Reunión” (Secrets in Reunions) in a co-production with EPSA Music. This material will be featured in Argentina in July 2008 and in Europe in a 2 month tour during October & November 08. The Cd is composed mainly by argentinean contemporary Tango and Folk pieces from Fain & Mantega. Paulina Fain plays in this CD different flutes, clarinet and piccollo. Fain-Mantega has a very important activity in Europe, in one year time (from October 07 to October 08) the Duo has toured through Europe 3 times, giving more than 50 concerts in Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. In March 2008 the magazine “Der Spiegel” (Germany) ask the Duo to be part of the “Tango Pasion” compilation CD that will be sold with the magazine in Germany. (12.000 copies). The 2 last European tours were sponsored by the Argentine Embasy, considering the Duo Fain-Mantega as one of the most important artist and “ambassadors” of the new Contemporary Argentinian Music.