Duo Lagrange Rutkowski

Duo Lagrange Rutkowski


Traditional music from central France and Irish music.



In this duo, Gaël et Sébastien offer you traditional music for dancing, largely from the repertoire of the Morvan but also from those of the Auvergne and Ireland as well as their own original compositions.

In the belief that traditional music is not moribund but is evolving through the years thanks to oral communication and the influences of the time, they want to share with you their own music, music enriched by their different musical experiences and as much a pleasure to listen to as for dancing.

Their work can be compared to that of the Galvachers (some of them were strolling players), musicians of the past, who as they travelled around, learned new tunes and brought them back home.

Sébastien Lagrange

Born in the Morvan in France, Sébastien has been brought up with the traditional music of his region thanks to his father Jo Lagrange who plays the hurdy-gurdy.
He taught himself the chromatic accordion and in 1989 started playing traditional music in the dance halls and cafés of the Morvan. Sebastien has created his own style, after meeting and listening to many older and much-loved local accordionists. André Clément, who died in 2005, was one of these musicians. A talented accordionist who had known the era of pre- and post-war dance halls, Andre had himself learnt from the old musicians of his region called the Beuvray.
In this way, Sébastien learnt many anecdotes about his repertoire and the musicians from where it originated. Like his predecessors, he feeds his musical experience through regular contact with fellow musicians and audiences.
Sebastien then created his own ‘trad-rock’ band "Les Traîne-Bûches" with his brother Dominique. He became a member of "Le Bal" and was then initiated into Irish music through his meeting with the musicians of "Broken Pledge" - Christian Maes, Christophe Raillard and Marc Pollier.
Fascinated with this genre of traditional Irish music, he joined up with Gael Rutkowski and developed an exciting repertoire playing as the duet "Blackwater". From these early days, Sebastien and Gael were joined by Didier Gris, Gilles Sommet, Joseph Macera and David Rougeot. ‘Blackwater’ has developed a unique musical style and their repertoire is enjoyed by audiences in France and internationally.

Gaël Rutkowski
Born in the Jura, Gaël discovered the bagpipes of central France thanks to his parents, and started learning with Dominique and Pascal Meunier in 1992. Since then, like Sébastien Lagrange, he has played traditional music in the dance halls and festivals of his region.
Gael met musicians from Besançon, among them the clarinettiste and piper Michael O'Sullivan from the Morvan and began to play traditional music from a more contemporary angle. The folk band "Trois Peignes pour un Chauve" was created soon after with Gael, Matthieu Girardeau, Franck Huguenin, Arnaud Rognon and Philippe Etiennet.
Gael’s musical experience gained momentum. After a few informal sessions in the cafés and festivals of the Morvan, Gaël and Sébastien start playing together in the Irish band "Scariff" and later "Blackwater".
Gaël has been strongly influenced by Paddy Keenan and judiciously helped by Marc Pollier (who made his first reed!), he then started playing the Uilleann (Irish) pipes.
Gaël and Sébastien, together with Christian Maes and Thierry Bruneau, are also members of the band "Le Bal" and play traditional dance music from the Morvan.
Gael and Sebastien now play together as part of the band "Blackwater", playing their unique style of Irish music at gigs, concerts and festivals across the Morvan and Auvergne.


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