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duo moderato

Zemun, Central Serbia, Serbia

Zemun, Central Serbia, Serbia
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1.CD-Milkano -BK telecom 2003.
2.CD-Dance for two -BK telecom 2005.
3.CD-Intima-PGP-RTS 2008.



duo Moderato

Duo Moderato is a music band from Belgrade whose members are:
Jasmina Mima Pajevic-cello
Milan Ignjatovic-guitar
The main idea of ths band is to search for a new and original aproach to music inheritance of Serbia and Balkans in general, that is to search for its « new reading ».

Widely known ethno songs, in a new arrangement, stylized for the guitar and cello, are
provoking a special excitment and represent a unique artistic performance.

Expressive playing on the cello and harmonized accompaintment of the acoustic guitar, create a caracteristic atmosphere in wich the forgoten melodies are revived.

The recognizable style and cearfully chosen repertoire have quickly the simpathy of the audience,and artistic circles as well as music critics have valued this unusal music concept.
With som of known artist we have achived very successful cooperation:
Oliver Njego – opera singer
Rade Serbedzija – popular actor
Miki Manojlovic – actor
Louis – singer
Choir - Srbadija
After many performances and concerts we have decided to put a part of our music to our own CD, named Milkano.On this album there are known serbian ethno songs in instrumental form for cello and guitar. Milan Ignjatovic has chosen and arranged the songs and Jasmina Pajevic has put a special dramatic and atmosphere by her performance.
Second CD -,,Dance for two,, publicshed 2006
We have realized our new CD -,, Intima,, for national recordin house PGP – RTS -2008

We try to make every our performance interesting for the auditorium, above any cliché and stereotype, and to make of our music a sort of comunication between people all around the world.


*Belgrade Spring – music festival 2000.
*Concert in National Theatre – Banja Luka
*Guarnerius – centre of art founded by Jovan Kolundzija our famous violinist –
*Concert with INDEXI, Balkanika band in Uzice in front of 20 000 people.
*Concert with well-known actor Rade Serbedzija in Slavia-Theatre in Belgrade.
*Concert with Rade Serbedzija in Vrsac – Milenium-Centre.
*Performances with Oliver Njego – famous classic singer from Belgrade.
*Mediterian music festival Budva-2003.
*concert in Sweden in Malme– 2004.
*concert in Sweden in Helsenbourg – 2004.
*concert in Danmark in Copenhagen –2004.
*concert in Nicosia – Cyprus - 2004.
*concert in Zemun – Gardos – theatre 2005.
*concert in Tirana –Albania 2007

If you find our program interesting,we sugest you a cooperation in form of:
*participating in your TV programs and media
*organizing concert
*production and publishing
*cooperation with your producers
*participation in other forms of public shows where we could
present our music.


Composer and executive producer of dou Moderato
Milan Ignjatovic e-mail rari@ikomline.net
molbil-tel +381(0)63 83 82 189