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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Jim Bessman (SC)"

"...Apart from dynamic improvisation making the listener feel unique emotional experience, another aspect of Zikr's art was exposed. This is a stunning strain of passion in the very voices and the manner of the vocalists' performance..." - Billboard

"Mikhail Sadchikov"

"Not every artist, though a most brilliant, has a fortune to open something new in art. However, the fact is true: the duet "Zikr" is being primary and unique. Some specialists claim that the duet's performing is a new genre of art and call it symphony singing..." - "Smena"

"Nalalia Baklanova"

"A man and a woman came to the stage, sat opposite one another, closed their eyes and in some instants the show began that one may hardly call "singing". That is music without words where you can dimly discern the just one thing - the involvement in something peculiar. That is so unusual that at first an inexperienced visitor would stay in complete perplexity. Being puzzled he is trying to remember everything that he's already heard before about guttural singing, shaman sorcery and other attributes of esoteric art. Nevertheless that will appear to be neither of them or anything else. Perhaps we can say about such thing they are "everything and nothing" at the same time. - "Business World" Moscow

"Tatyana Songaylo"

"Strong magic voices are ringing at the stage without a word, without accompaniment, touching the most sensitive chords of human soul. Audience is listening to what is going on in a burst of inspiration. These fascinating voices full of sincerity and unusual purity fill the environment; they can bring the audience to catharsis, purge with the fire of art... Duo Zikr is a different kind of spiritual art that cannot be fitted in any music genre, and versatility is its unquestionable merit. Anyone regardless of the nationality or belonging to some tradition can feel a whole world".
- "Lithuanian Echo",


During that time the duet released 18 albums. Among them are: Voices (1993) LP; The Mystery of Of The Cup (1994); Creation Of The World (1995); Time That Dances (1996);Vertical Section (1996); Wormwood Star (1996); To The Twilight Of The Times (1998); To The Down Of The Times (1998); Wandering Of Souls (1998); Free Flight (2000); In Search Of Light (2001); The Fire Mystery (2003); Place Of Power (2003); Spring Travel (2005); Soul In The Arms Of God (2005); Happy Happy Crazy (2005), Sound Of Magic (2007), Angels In The City (2008).



15 years ago Olga and Igor, sensing the call of then-unknown force among the vanity and fuss of everyday life, set on their way, contrary to common sense and sober providence.
The complexity of the set task required utmost professionalism; they improved their vocal technique with the help of professional pedagogues, mastered exquisite, non-standard and infrequent vocal techniques existing from time immemorial, made efforts to comprehend the art of co-feeling.
Having gathered large amount of materials. Duo Zikr gives performances on the world tours in such countries as: the USA, France, Italy, England, The Great Britain, Germany and many others. Duo Zikr also took part in many international music festivals, among which: BID Berlin, Germany; MEDIAWAVE, Dyer Hungary; Golden Autumn, Ukraine; CITTA de Costello, Florence, Italy; MIDEM ASIA 96, Hong Kong; SXSW, Austin, Texas, USA; FORTE, Riga, Latvia; LMW, London, GB; PCMC, Sidney, Australia.